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Kościan. The 90-year-old fell into the tomb

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In Kościan (Greater Poland Voivodeship), a 90-year-old man was walking through a cemetery when the ground suddenly slipped under him and he fell inside. Firemen pulled him out of the tomb.

The incident took place on Saturday around 11 am at the cemetery at Księża Bączkowksiego Street in Kościan. – We received a report about a man who fell into a tomb in the cemetery. Two hosts of the Rescue and Firefighting Unit from Kościan, ambulance and police were dispatched to the site – says senior captain. Bartosz Napierała, press officer of the Kościan fire brigade.

He was 2.5 meters underground

It turned out that the 90-year-old was at a depth of 2.5 meters. He was conscious and had a head injury.

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– Firefighters checked the concentration of oxygen and hydrogen sulphide, after which the firefighter descended the ladder to the tomb. The man was extracted using mountaineering techniques and handed over to the medical rescue crew – explains Napierała.

The event took place at the cemetery in KościanPSP Koscian

As he emphasizes, the place where the man fell was not an ordinary grave pit, but a larger tomb with a ceiling.

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– The man climbed on the ceiling, which probably did not have such strength over the years and collapsed – explains Napierała.

The ceiling that collapsed under the manPSP Koscian

It’s just an unfortunate accident

The incident ended with only a minor head injury for the 90-year-old.

The police classified the whole incident as an unfortunate accident. – Police officers were at the scene, but we did not perform activities there, the firemen took care of the man. The officers talked to the priest and the administrator of the cemetery and paid attention to securing these facilities – says asp. Jarosław Lemański, press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Kościan.

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Main photo source: PSP Koscian

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