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Kościan. Two people were killed on the S5. Prosecution: They were under the influence of alcohol

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They got out of the car, lay down on the road and were hit. Pedestrians who died on the S5 expressway near Leszno (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) in early January were under the “significant” influence of alcohol, the prosecutor’s office announced on Friday. The situation of a friend of the victims who brought the victims to the place where the tragedy later took place is still unresolved.

To fatally hit two pedestrians occurred on January 3 on the 21st kilometer of the S5 road between the Śmigiel Północ and Kościan Południe interchanges (Greater Poland Voivodeship). A man and a woman were hit by two cars.

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The drivers of the vehicles were sober. However, as it turned out, alcohol was drunk by the victims of the accident. This was announced on Friday by the prosecutor’s office, which earlier ordered a blood alcohol test.

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A woman and a man died in an accident on S5koscian112.pl

Prosecutor’s office: both were “significantly” under the influence of alcohol

According to the findings of the investigators, the woman and the man were traveling with a friend in his car. At one point, the 39-year-old demanded the car to stop, got out of the car, moved to the other lane of the road and lay down on the road. A woman ran after him. Both were fatally hit.

A tragic accident on S5 in Wielkopolska

– After analyzing the data from the visual inspection, the autopsy expert had no doubts that the death was caused by multi-organ injuries resulting from a traffic accident. We have now received the results of the blood alcohol test. They show that both of these people were under the influence of alcohol, said the district prosecutor in Kościan, Magdalena Mazur-Prus, on Friday.

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Investigators are still waiting for the results of toxicology tests. The case is still under investigation. That means no one has been charged.

– The prosecutor has not yet made a decision as to the settlement of the situation of the person who brought the victims to the scene and left them there. This person still has the status of a witness, the prosecutor said.

They were going to Silesia

The victims are a woman and a man aged 39. – The woman comes from the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, but she has lived in the area for a long time German. The man, on the other hand, was a resident of Poznań, Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Wielkopolska police, informed in early January.

As the prosecutor’s office informed earlier, a friend of the victims testified that they were going towards Silesia, where the victim lived.

Main photo source: koscian112.pl

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