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Kosiniak-Kamysz on incidents in cyberspace. “Now there may be twice as many”

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Last year, we dealt with 80,000 incidents in cyberspace hostile to the Polish state. This year there may be twice as many – said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. He emphasized that “we must be socially resistant to disinformation.”

Head of the Ministry of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz took part in a briefing in Tomaszów Mazowiecki with the commanders of the Polish Army on the current situation on Poland's eastern border and plans to strengthen its security.

– We have just had another briefing with the commanders. For several months, we have been observing the intensity of illegal border crossings by people who do not want to obtain asylum or a place of refuge, but are a tool in the hands of the Russian and Belarusian special services, he said. The head of the Ministry of National Defense noted that there are also “bandit attacks on our services.”

– Crossing the border itself is breaking the law, and a physical attack is not acceptable and will be met with a response from our side – emphasized Kosiniak-Kamysz.

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Władysław Kosiniak-KamyszPAP/Marian Zubrzycki

As he said, this is why the government decided to strengthen the border, even before the attack on the Polish soldier. – Intensification of these activities is needed. On Wednesday, soldiers from the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade from Tomaszów Mazowiecki arrived at the border – he said.

Kosiniak-Kamysz noted that the brigade includes “the best commandos, red berets, soldiers with the greatest experience from missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also in Kosovo, where they served as stabilization forces.” – These people are already on the border today, equipped with the best equipment – he added.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: we must be socially resistant to disinformation

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that “we must be socially resistant to disinformation.” He referred in this context to Friday's false information on the PAP website about mobilization. – Many things have been distorted, but unfortunately such incidents are intended to cause any concern, a sense of chaos and panic – he said.

– We must be resistant to such events. I am asking everyone to verify the information that appears in public space. Please do not believe, especially in this internet space, the many fake accounts that were created only to sow chaos and confusion, he said.

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As Kosiniak-Kamysz said, “last year we dealt with 80,000 incidents in cyberspace, hostile to the Polish state.” – This year there may be twice as many – he emphasized.

– The Internal Security Agency and the Ministry of Digitization not only explain, but together with all state authorities, including the command of the Cyberspace Defense Forces, they work to ensure security in cyberspace, but this is such a huge area that without the involvement and support of citizens, social resilience, it will not be possible We will be able to effectively counteract this, so the involvement of all of us is very necessary here – added the Deputy Prime Minister.

Kosiniak-Kamysz also said that sabotage and sabotage are an element of the hybrid war against the Polish state. – Unfortunately, there are a lot of such activities, many people have already been detained, many have been placed under pre-trial detention, and charges of sabotage and sabotage to the detriment of the Polish state have been brought. We need community and unity in this area of ​​fighting in the hybrid war that has been leveled against Poland. We need support for soldiers and officers. We need social resilience – said the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

About possible hybrid attacks prepared by the Russian services, which may include, among others: a form of disinformation representatives of the Polish government have been saying for many weeks headed by the Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Also FOR THIS indicated a few weeks ago in a special announcementThat Russia intends to carry out many campaigns aimed at destabilizing Western countries and societies.

Main photo source: PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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