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Kosovo has purchased Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 drones

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Kosovo has purchased Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 drones, the country’s prime minister announced on Sunday. Albin Kurti also noted the increase in the army’s budget by 100 percent during his rule, the Koha Ditore daily reported.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti did not specify how many drones were purchased and at what price. He noted that after adding them to the equipment of the Kosovo army, the country is “even more secure.”

“During the two years of our rule, we increased the number of soldiers by 80 percent and the budget of the armed forces by 100 percent,” said the Kosovan prime minister, congratulating the officers on completing training in the operation of Turkish drones.

Earlier, the Serbian authorities warned that the agreement to sell drones to Pristina would negatively affect relations between Belgrade and Ankara.

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Bayraktar TB2mat. press

Protests have been going on since May

Protests by local Serbs have been taking place in the north of Kosovo since May, during which there were, among other things, riots and fights with peacekeepers FOR THIS. There have also been attacks on police stations using stun grenades and other explosives in the region. government on Friday Serbia suspended the export of domestically produced armaments. Earlier – announcing the possibility of introducing this step – President Aleksandar Vicic said that it resulted from the threat to the country’s security “raised to the highest level” and in this situation the army must have priority in receiving weapons. In Kosovo – the former southern province of Serbia, unrecognized by Belgrade since its declaration of independence in 2008 – more than 4,500 are stationed. NATO soldiers. The government is in the process of expanding the armed forces, which are planned to consist of 5,000 troops. regular soldiers and 3 thousand. reservists.

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