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Kosovo. KFOR: More NATO troops will arrive in the country, only a political solution can ensure peace in the region

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The commander of NATO peacekeeping forces in Kosovo, General Angelo Michele Ristuccia, said that more NATO troops will soon arrive in Kosovo – from Romania and other allied countries.

– A larger number of Alliance troops in the country is necessary for the mission to fulfill its mandate – said the commander of the peacekeeping forces on Friday. FOR THIS in Kosovo, General Angelo Michele Ristuccia and added that “only a political solution can ensure peace in the region.”

Ristuccia assessed that Kosovo is currently calmer than in previous days, but noted that destabilization could quickly occur if both sides “do not come to the negotiating table to try to find a political solution.”

Increased tensions between Serbia and Kosovo

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On September 24, in the village of Banjska in the mostly Serb-inhabited north of Kosovo, a shootout broke out between Kosovo forces and Serbs who had barricaded themselves in a local monastery. Late at night, Kosovo police managed to bring the situation under control after an exchange of fire in which three Serbs and one policeman were killed.

Two days after the event in Serbia A day of mourning was announced for the attackers. The Kosovo authorities accused Serbia of preparing to annex the northern part of the country; The Serbian side denied the allegations.

KFOR forces in Kosovo Facebook/Kosovo Force – KFOR

On October 10, command of NATO forces in Kosovo from Italian will take over Türkiye. The country enjoys good relations with both Serbia and Kosovo. Ankara is intensively developing trade relations with Belgrade, and Pristina provides, among others, combat drones.

The Serbian news agency Tanjug noted the good personal relations between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, which may also help ease tensions between the neighbors.

In response to the latest increase in tensions between Serbia and Kosovo, NATO decided to send additional forces to Kosovo to reinforce 4,500. soldiers stationed in the country as part of the KFOR peacekeeping mission. The British authorities have already announced the sending of additional troops to the country Romania.

Main photo source: Facebook/Kosovo Force – KFOR

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