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Kosovo, Pristina. A man was killed when a tree fell on the car he was driving. Thunderstorms in the capital of Kosovo

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The man was killed and the woman was injured when a wind-blown tree fell over the car in which they were driving. The Kosovo capital was hit by a strong storm on Monday.

Inhabitants of the Balkans have recently experienced violent and dangerous weather conditions. Storms with strong winds that passed through Kosovo with disastrous consequences. Police in the capital city of Pristina said on Monday that one man was killed and a woman was injured when a tree fell on the car in which they were traveling.

According to the services, they were driving through the city center when, as a result of a strong gust of wind, the tree was uprooted and fell on the car. The man who died was about 30 years old.

Some schools have closed

Due to the storm, some residents were cut off from access to electricity. Some schools were closed earlier. The police said they were monitoring the situation throughout the city.

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As the deputy mayor of Kosovo’s capital Alban Zogaj called on social media, “due to heavy rainfall and strong winds, caution should be exercised, mainly in those parts of the city where trees grow.”

On Monday, a storm hit the northeastern part of Bulgaria. The city of Ruse was hit the hardest, where the wind was breaking off the roofs and uprooting trees. In some places the rains were so strong that they caused landslides on the roads, and the hailstones were the size of walnuts.

A few days ago, we informed about exceptionally intense rainfall and the flooded capital of Romania.

Main photo source: Reuters

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