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Koszalin. Aggressive man in a boarding school and police intervention. Questions about the behavior of the services

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Disturbed by no one, he entered the dormitory with a surveillance bracelet on his leg. According to a report from a teacher at a car school in Koszalin (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), an aggressive man said that he was released from prison, that he “had to kill someone” to get back there and that “he was a killing machine.” He attacked a teacher. The patrol took the intruder out of the building and let him go. The proceedings were initiated only a week later. Material by Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros.

A disturbing situation occurred on November 19 in the hall of the dormitory of School Complex No. 10 in Koszalin. A man entered the facility and lay down on the couch in the sports room.

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One of the teachers noticed the uninvited man in the building. The car school teacher pointed out that the intruder’s leg had a bandage on it, suggesting that he might be under electronic surveillance.

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Questions about police intervention

– He started shouting that he was released from prison, that he wanted to kill someone, that he had to kill someone, that he wanted to go back to prison, that he was a killing machine – reported Piotr Sklenarski, a teacher who informed us about the case, for “Fakty po Południu”. on Contact 24. He added that the intruder also used physical force against him.

The police arrived about an hour after the report. The officers took the aggressor out of the building and let him go. According to the institution’s authorities, the police did not even talk to the teacher. The entire incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Prison Service officers arrived at the site on the same day. However, they only showed up to replace the batteries in the wristband. The man’s locating device logged in at the school.

The proceedings started only a week after the incident; previously, the police had not accepted the report regarding aggressive behavior. This changed only after the matter was covered by the media. The aggressor was arrested for the situation described by the Koszalin school teacher, as well as for the thefts he allegedly committed after leaving prison. Now he is in custody.

Explanatory proceedings were initiated against the policemen. Details in the material “Fakty po Południu” by Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros.

“He said he was a killing machine.” The police took the aggressor with an ankle bandage out of the dormitory and let him go“Fakty po Południu” TVN

Main photo source: ZS No. 10 in Koszalin

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