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Koszalin. The abandoned bus, in which the body of the man was found, still scares the inhabitants of Koszalin. Prosecutor’s Office: not considered as material evidence

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The car in which – in early July – the body of a man in a state of advanced decay was discovered, is still standing in the neighborhood parking lot in Koszalin. According to the prosecutor’s office, the vehicle was not secured as evidence and the keys were returned to the owner. Residents are outraged and afraid that the consequences of leaving the car will be associated not only with unpleasant odors.

On Saturday, July 2, near Traugutta Street in Koszalin, a body of a man in a state of advanced decay was found in the parking lot. It turned out that the owner of the vehicle has not visited it for a year. The man whose body was found probably broke into the vehicle long ago and later died in it. The services were notified by a passerby who smelled an unpleasant smell from the side of the bus.

To the surprise of the residents of the area, the vehicle is still standing in the same place and – as they report – attracts curious people and children. – The stench is rising from him. Besides, knowing that this body has been lying there, maybe even for months, is terrible. We are afraid that it may pose an epidemic threat – tells us Ms Danuta, a resident of the area, who informed about the case Contact 24.

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A macabre car in Koszalinresident of Koszalin

Prosecutor’s office: the car has not been recognized as evidence

Ryszard Gąsiorowski from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Koszalin explains to us that the car has its owner, to whom – after an inspection – the keys were returned.

– The car has not been accepted as evidence. When we look for the cause of death of a found person, we do not secure the place where it was found. It is as if we secured the forest because we found a crime victim there – explains the prosecutor.

In this case, everything indicates that the death occurred from natural causes. Even more so – as the prosecutor emphasizes – securing the vehicle is not necessary. – Now the owner is responsible for the vehicle and he should take care of it – says Gąsiorowski. Residents who are concerned that the car may be a hazard are advised to report the matter to city ​​guard.

As Artur Pałgan, the deputy commander of the Koszalin city guard, assured us earlier, as soon as the officers receive an official report on this matter, they will see what they can do. – If such a report is received, then we will definitely check whether we have grounds for action – he informed us.

The commander also explained that the municipal police may intervene against such a vehicle when it blocks the road lane or creates a danger. What? This is not specified in the road traffic law.

In addition, it is possible to remove the wreckage – the vehicle must look unused, as evidenced by: no license plates, broken windows, punctured tires. Even then, however, the first thing the rangers almost always do is identify the owner and ask them what they intend to do with the wreckage.

Ms Danuta informed us that she would officially report the matter to the services on Wednesday.

Main photo source: resident of Koszalin

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