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Kovalev. Thousands of dead bees in apiaries. The prosecutor’s office knows the cause of the death of insects, an investigation is underway

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Experts detected 16 poisonous active substances in samples obtained from dead bees, which were found in May by beekeepers from Kowalewo near Pleszew (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) in their apiaries. According to the prosecutor’s office, the insects were poisoned by rapeseed nectar sprayed with chemicals. Perpetrators causing significant damage to nature can be punished with up to five years in prison.

In May, beekeepers running apiaries in Kowalewo near Pleszew they informed the police about the poisoning of thousands of bees. The most affected applicant lost insects in all his 24 hives. The other two, who have a total of 16 hives, told the police that in their case only bees outside the hives were killed.

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Dead beesTVN24

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Experts on the causes of death of bees

The victims and witnesses have already been questioned. The bees were sent to the National Veterinary Institute in Puławy to determine the cause of their death.

– Studies conducted on samples of dead bees show that they had 16 poisonous active substances on them. Insects were poisoned by nectar from rapeseed sprayed with chemicals, informed the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, prosecutor Maciej Meler.

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He explained that the investigators will also check the spray logs, because according to the law, every farmer must keep such a document.

An expert will be appointed to the case, who will determine the size of the resulting losses. Beekeepers estimated that they lost several thousand zlotys. Causing significant damage to nature is punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years.

He brought a bucket of bees to the police

After the incident, the most injured beekeeper collected insects into a 10-litre bucket and took them to the police as evidence. The bees filled the bucket about half full.

Kovalev. Thousands of dead bees. Some could not return to the hive17.05TVN24

Jan Kuźniacki, the owner of one of the apiaries, said in May that the bees did not want to let their poisoned friends into the hives. – The one that came from there had a different smell, they didn’t even let her in, they threw her to the ground. This is already the smell of this agent and they are saving themselves – the man explains.

Three beekeepers were injuredTVN24

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Pesticides and other pesticides are a deadly threat to bees. – All spraying is best done at night. And if that’s not possible, at least wait until sunset – Tadeusz Dylon, president of the Polish Beekeeping Association, appealed in the text of the TVN24 Magazine.

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