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Kowal: Hungarians have a thing that always makes bad choices

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It is good that Viktor Orban has finally found time as Ukraine's neighbour, but by talking about a ceasefire – in the current circumstances – he will soften the West's position and will try to do so every day – said Paweł Kowal (KO), head of the Sejm's Foreign Affairs Committee, in “Rozmowo Piaseckiego” on TVN24.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited Kiev on Tuesday. Reuters reported that he asked Zelensky to consider a quick ceasefire that could speed up peace talks.

The head of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, Paweł Kowal (KO), said in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24 that the essence of Putin's policy is revisionism, and “the biggest supporter of this policy in the European Union, positioned as prime minister, is Orban”. – Orban is very clever. His article in the “Financial Times” yesterday, for example, shows how he tries to play the West and present his arguments, so he will probably say again that he went as the (EU – ed.) presidency, and that is probably true, because Hungary start the presidency, he added.

Kowal said that “it is good that he finally found time as a neighbor of Ukraine, but he will be talking about a ceasefire today, in these conditions, softening the position of the West and will try to do it every day.”

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Kowal emphasized that “it is in our interest for Ukrainians to decide” – If Orban wants to decide for Ukrainians and suggest something, even though he has not helped for several years, it means that later he will think of suggesting something for us (…) Just as Orban is trying to talk to Ukrainians today, someone will talk if we agree to it with us. And he will say, come on, don't defend your air, and why do you need to strengthen the border. This talk suits Putin, and Orban is in the vanguard of support for Putin – he assessed.

– Hungarians have something like this, that they always make the wrong choice for the entire 20th century. It is a misfortune of our friendly nation, that when push comes to shove, they make the wrong choice – said Kowal.

Main image source: TVN24

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