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Kowal on the message from Slovakia: take things seriously, but look at the person

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– Man, be careful what you say, how you say it, attack things, don't attack people, be serious about things, but on the other hand, look at the person. This is the message that comes today from Central Europe, from Slovakia – said Paweł Kowal (KO) in “Kropka nad i”. – This is terrible, unacceptable and causes fear – commented Andrzej Szejna (Left Wing).

Paweł Kowal – chairman of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee from the Civic Coalition and Andrzej Szejna – deputy minister of foreign affairs from the Left – were Monika Olejnik's guests in the “Kropka nad i” program.

They commented on the attack on the Prime Minister Slovakia Robert Fica, which took place on Wednesday. Fico went out to the inhabitants of the town of Handlova, where the away government meeting was taking place. In the recording that circulated on social media, shots were heard as the politician approached the barriers. According to Slovak media, the politician was shot by a 71-year-old writer.

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Szejna: we should draw conclusions as Poles

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrzej Szejna said that consequences should be drawn from this situation. – The consequences that the Slovak special services should draw are obvious – they are ineffective and there should be changes there, but this is an obvious matter. However, we are starting to live in a time of growing hatred and polarization of populisms not only in Slovakia, but also elsewhere Germany, Spain or in America. I think that we, especially as Poles, should draw conclusions such that we refrain from too harsh words, too sharp polarization, because it may lead to madness just like in Slovakia – argued Szejna.

– This is terrible, unacceptable and causes fear, because in this situation violence in politics will become the norm – he added.

Paweł Kowal and Andrzej Szejna TVN24

Kowal: This is a signal to everyone involved in politics

Paweł Kowal talked about the polarization of society in Slovakia. – Slovakia is today such a melting pot where what is happening in many Western and Central European countries is happening, i.e. such a great division that people are unable to overcome it even in family relations and this leads to an attempt at political murder – he said guest of “Dots of the I's”.

– I always see such situations in a purely human way. This is always a signal to all of us who deal with politics: be careful, man, what you say, how you say it, attack issues, do not attack people, be serious about matters, but on the other hand, look at the person. This is the message that comes today from Central Europe, from Slovakia, which is as divided as any of our countries, he added.

Blacksmith: TVN24

– Regardless of whether someone has right-wing, left-wing or other views, if you fall victim to an attacker, you have to keep your fingers crossed and pray that he survives. You simply need to condemn the attacker and condemn violence in politics, because politics is about preventing violence, said Kowal.

Andrzej Szejna, who met Fico personally, admitted that the Slovak Prime Minister himself “stirred up a strong dispute.” – Even inciting aggression does not justify (an attempt – ed.) political murder in any case, especially on a politician who, although he has a sharp tongue, has not hurt anyone so far, as far as we know, – noted the deputy minister of foreign affairs.

Main photo source: TVN24

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