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Kozienice. Brutal attack on a florist, the attacker injured her with a sharp object and stole money. Police: the perpetrator is a 14-year-old

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On Thursday, a woman selling flowers was attacked in Kozienice County. The attacker severely injured the woman with a sharp object and escaped with a small amount of money stolen. He was arrested after a few hours. According to police, the attacker was a 14-year-old boy.

As Ilona Tarczyńska from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Kozienice told us, the incident took place on Thursday before 2 p.m. – The duty officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Kozienice was notified that an unknown perpetrator attacked a woman selling flowers in a flower shop in the Kozienice poviat with a sharp object. The attacker stole a small amount of money and fled in an unspecified direction, Tarczyńska reported.

Manhunt for the attacker

She explained that the attacked woman with the last of her strength managed to call for help herself. – After a few minutes, officers from the local unit arrived on the scene. A police officer who was on the scene began to staunch the blood from the wound of a 63-year-old woman and provide her with first aid until the ambulance arrived. A woman with severe body injuries was transported to a hospital in Kozienice, Ilona Tarczyńska informed.

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After the victim was handed over to the medics, a manhunt for the attacker began. As Tarczyńska pointed out, all forces from the entire unit were directed to the place. Local police officers were supported by officers from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom, including forensic technicians who participated in the inspection. A knife that the attacker may have used was found at the scene. The officers also secured the monitoring – added Tarczyńska.

The suspect was arrested a few hours later. – Around 7 p.m., the police knocked on one of the houses in the Kozienice district. It turned out that the perpetrator was a 14-year-old boy who was detained and placed in a police emergency room for children, Tarczyńska said. The juvenile’s case will be dealt with by the family and juvenile department of the District Court in Kozienice.

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