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KPO. Donald Tusk goes to Brussels on a mission. “We all need this money”

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When will Poles receive billions of euros for KPO? Donald Tusk is going to talk about it in Brussels next week, but he won’t bring the money immediately in suitcases. Poles have simply been entitled to this money for a long time. They are urgently needed. The PiS government is leaving a hole in the budget.

This will be the first foreign trip of a candidate for prime minister. On Wednesday and Thursday, Donald Tusk will talk in Brussels about money for the KPO. – This is Polish money in Brussels, which the PiS government did not want to bring, but the new government will bring – announces Krzysztof Gawkowski from the New Left. There is no difference of opinion on this among the coalition partners.

When will the money reach Poland? – The day after the appointment of the new government, we are able to unblock, or rather remove, PiS’s blockade of funds from the National Reconstruction Plan – emphasizes Izabela Leszczyna from PO. The coalition makes this a point of honor. – I hope that it will be possible to do it really quickly, because we all need this money – says Rafał Trzaskowski from PO.

For now, however, the new coalition is not in power, the president has not indicated a candidate for prime minister and is delaying the convening of the Sejm, and there is no money for the KPO. – We all believe that this is a fundamental thing, Poland really needs these funds – emphasizes Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski, Trzecia Droga, PSL. The funds are needed especially now, when only after the elections the PiS government revealed that it was leaving a hole in the budget worth PLN 34 billion. According to unofficial information from “Fakty” TVN, today’s opposition will present a package of changes restoring the rule of law at the first substantive session of the Sejm. – Legislatively, I think this is a quick matter – says Arkadiusz Myrcha from PO.

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Will the democratic opposition unblock the KPO? The matter is complicatedMartyna Olkowicz/Fakty po Południu TVN24

Plan B

The first decisions are to concern changes in the politicized National Council of the Judiciary, solving the case of neo-judges and liquidating the system of repression against judges, and later also the Constitutional Tribunal. Similar proposals were put forward by judges’ associations. The new coalition wants to act quickly. Acts and resolutions of the Sejm are to be considered. Will the president stand in the way? – Just in case, we are also preparing for a plan B if the president decides that these funds for Poles should still be blocked – explains Arkadiusz Myrcha.

In this way, the new government wants to show effectiveness and efficiency. Hence Tusk’s visit to Brussels and the planned meetings at the highest political level. – We all realize that Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s contacts and experience as the head of the European Council are invaluable in such a situation – emphasizes Borys Budka from PO.

Will Brussels take the new government’s word for it or will it wait for specifics and milestones to be achieved? The mere fact that there will be a change of power in Warsaw is not enough for the Commission, there must be a change in the regulations. When the laws written in accordance with Brussels’ recommendations come into force, there will be no reasons to block money for Poland.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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