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KPO funds for Poland and government subsidies for cities. Wadim Tyszkiewicz and Andrzej Wnuk comment

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The guests of the program – an independent senator, former president of Nowa Sól, Wadim Tyszkiewicz and the president of Zamość, Andrzej Wnuk – discussed in the “#BezKitu Campaign” program about billions of zlotys from the National Reconstruction Plan, which local governments are waiting for, and which have still not reached Poland. In this context, the conversation also concerned government subsidies for local governments.

The amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, which caused a conflict in the ruling camp, was supposed to bring Poland closer to the fulfillment of the so-called milestones and the payment of EU funds under the National Reconstruction Plan. The president announced his decision a week ago. He announced that he would not sign the bill and would submit it to the Constitutional Tribunal for examination of its compliance with the constitution.

When will the KPO funds reach Poland? Speeches of the Prime Minister from May 19, 2022 to February 14, 2023 on this topicTVN24

Senator shows checks, talks about “political deal”. The mayor answers

Andrzej Wnuk, when asked in “Kampania #BezKitu” on TVN24 about funds from KPO, said that he was “convinced that this money would go to local governments”. “It’s not like there’s no money,” he said.

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In response, Wadim Tyszkiewicz showed photos of granting checks for Zamość, which – as he said – were issued for a total of about PLN 50 million. – This money, at least most of it, does not come from the budget. This is money that is yet to come, this is money that will be received after the issue of bonds by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – he said. – So the money you spend, the next generations will have to pay back. Most of them are not in the budget. This is the money for which the commitment to all Poles will be made and we will repay this money – he continued.

– According to what algorithm did he get this money? he asked his grandson.

Wadim Tyszkiewicz showed photos of checks for ZamośćTVN24

In response, the president of Zamość said that the first deal under the Polish Deal was an algorithm. – The number of inhabitants, the wealth of given communes and those rural communes, smaller ones, received more and this is right – he said.

At the same time, he accused the previous government that his predecessor had received nothing for Zamość under the National Program for the Reconstruction of Local Roads. “I say this because a certain social justice, in my opinion, has been restored,” he explained.

Tyszkiewicz, responding to these words, said that the funds from the National Program for the Reconstruction of Local Roads were divided according to criteria. – The fact that Zamość did not receive money was apparently a wrong application, and not because someone was giving away money politically – he claimed, assessing that the checks he showed were awarded as part of a “political deal”.

The grandson further stated that the funds from KPO “is also a loan after all.” The host of the program, Radomir Wit, specified that in the National Reconstruction Plan, PLN 106.9 billion are subsidies, and PLN 51.6 billion are preferential loans. – So one third are loans and local governments, however, prefer subsidies – replied Wnuk.

Wnuk: The first hand from Polskie Ład, it was an algorithm.  Some social justice has been restored

Wnuk: The first hand from Polskie Ład, it was an algorithm. Some social justice has been restoredTVN24

Questions were asked by Michał Nowak, chairman of the Youth City Council in Jelenia Góra, and Kamil Jastrzębski, city councilor in Wieliczka.


Main photo source: TVN24

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