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KPO money. Donald Tusk: If PiS has committed to changes, it must do so. Otherwise it won’t work

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Poland and Poles need money from the National Reconstruction Plan, especially with what is happening at the moment with public and family finances, said Donald Tusk, the head of the Civic Platform. In order to receive the money, he added, PiS must fulfill its obligations regarding changes in the justice system. – Otherwise it won’t work. We will have the document, but the money will still be waiting in Brussels – he stressed.

The congress of the European People’s Party began on Tuesday in Rotterdam, at which the party was elected chairman Manfred Weber, MEP of the German Christian Democrats (CDU / CSU). In this position replaced the head of the Civic Platformformer prime minister and head of the European Council Donald Tusk.

– I informed you over a year ago that I would not continue the mission of running the European People’s Party. Returning to Polish politics and taking up the final fight for victory in Poland was incompatible. I am a responsible man, and these are classes for 24 hours a day, if you want to take them seriously – said Tusk in an interview with the TVN24 correspondent, Maciej Sokołowski.

Tusk on KPO: Poland and Poles need this money

The president is to come to Warsaw on Thursday The European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to sign “milestones”, the implementation of which is to give the green light for the approval of the Polish Commission by the European Commission Of the National Reconstruction Plan – a document necessary to mobilize funds from the EU Reconstruction Fund.

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What’s in the KPO? The testimony of Maciej Sokołowski

Tusk confirmed that he had talked with the head of the European Commission about the acceptance of the Polish KPO. – She told me about her intentions that she was going to Poland to finalize the first stage, i.e. accept the KPO. This is a document that is an introduction to unlocking money – he said.

– The head of the Commission knows my opinion very well. Poland and Poles need this money, especially with what is happening now with public and family finances in Poland. It is a pity that we have lost so much time and it is a pity that it is not quite clear yet PIS is prepared to honor the commitments it has made in terms of making good the damage [minister sprawiedliwości Zbigniew – red.] Ziobro and [lider PiS Jarosław – red.] Kaczynski they caused in the Polish justice system – he added.

Tusk: no one can cheat anyone here

The head of the Civic Platform (PO) admitted that there is “only good will” in the European Union to unlock funds for Poland. – There is also such a pan-European belief that nobody here can cheat anyone. If PiS has committed to changes in the justice system, it must do so, otherwise nothing will happen. We will have the document, but the money will still be waiting in Brussels – he said.

– The Polish plan will probably be approved, and the payments will depend on whether the rules of the rule of law and European rules are respected. That’s what this mechanism is for [warunkowości – red.] was built to constantly monitor the extent to which a given state – after all, it is not only about Poland – is faithful to its obligations, faithful to the rules of the rule of law and faithful to European treaties – said Tusk.

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According to the PO leader, “PiS uses public funds for its own campaigns and to maintain popularity.” knows how to separate these two planes – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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