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KPO, Sejm on the actions of Mateusz Morawiecki and the possibility of committing a crime. “Deliberate and cynical deprivation of funds for development of the homeland”

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The Sejm is dealing with informing the government about the possibility of committing a crime by former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. This concerns his actions regarding the National Reconstruction Plan. – Isn’t even not applying for an advance payment considered an omission? – asked Deputy Minister of Justice Arkadiusz Myrcha. Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk (PiS) argued that “no money was lost.”

On Friday, the Sejm will consider the government’s information about the possibility of committing, among others, by the former prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki offenses under Art. 231 of the Penal Code, consisting in “an official’s omission which led to Poland’s irretrievable loss of an advance payment from the National Reconstruction Plan in the amount of EUR 4.7 billion.”

Deputy Minister of Justice Arkadiusz Myrcha said during the debate that “it seems fully justified” that the “omissions” of Morawiecki and his ministers “were assessed by an independent and politically-free prosecutor’s office.” He also emphasized that the crime described in Art. 231 of the Penal Code is characterized by the fact that one of its elements is omission. – And isn’t even not applying for an advance payment considered an omission? – He was asking.

He also added that reports were submitted to the prosecutor’s office in this case in 2023, but no action was taken by it.

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The deputy head of the Ministry of Justice also emphasized that the KPO was “the largest financial support project for EU member states since the end of World War II.”

“Incompetence, incompetence and bad will”

Minister for EU Affairs Adam Szłapka he, in turn, accused PiS politicians of “not being able to submit an application for either an advance payment or KPO.” He also accused the former Minister of Justice of bad faith Zbigniew Ziobro and “the entire environment” of Sovereign Poland in terms of obtaining these funds. – They were the ones who deliberately blocked legal changes that could have been introduced in Poland in order to unlock this money – said Szłapka.

– Incompetence, incompetence and bad will are in fact premises which, in my opinion, but this is more a matter of the prosecutor’s office, meet the criteria of Article 231 of the Penal Code – he continued. – Your government did not focus on obtaining gigantic money for Poland from the KPO, billions of euros for Poland, but members of this government and officials working in this government were very determined to obtain several hundred euros for the sale of visas – said the minister. , referring to the PiS government’s visa scandal.

“The time of reckoning has come”

During the debate, the head of the Civic Coalition club, Zbigniew Konwiński, said that “the crime under Article 231 is one thing, but it is also a much more serious crime, although probably not described in the codes.” – This is a conscious and cynical deprivation of funds for development of the homeland, destroying the Polish economy – he said.

He also addressed PiS politicians with the following words: European Union it bothered you because you couldn’t go completely unpunished, you were completely inept at obtaining European funds. – There was no KPO during your rule, there was no application – he added.

Konwiński emphasized that the KPO funds should have been working for Poland for over two years. – Government Donald Tusk he needed just a few weeks to achieve what you were blocking, he added.

As he recalled, a few days ago European Commission announced that EUR 137 billion has been released to Poland from the cohesion funds and the Reconstruction Fund. Konwiński said that these were the measures that the PiS president “disgusted”. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, former Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro and former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. – This is PLN 600 billion (…) that you rejected in the name of war with the EU, election campaign, alliance with (Viktor) Orban, (Marine) Le Pen(Matteo) Salvini – with Putin’s fifth column in the EU – pointed out.

Konwiński also recalled that the president of PiS “once said in an interview that he had a dream that in a few years he would be a retired savior of the nation, and that this is how he would be perceived by Poles.” – Because of what you have been doing for the last eight years, Kaczyński will end up where he belongs, with you – in the dustbin of history, not as a retired savior of the nation. (…) On October 15, the time of settling accounts for what you have done with Poland in recent years has come – he said.

PiS MP: no money was lost

– The attempt to accuse Prime Minister Morawiecki and the Law and Justice government is, on the one hand, hypocritical and, on the other hand, ineffective – he said. PiS MPformer deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński.

According to him, there is “a whole list of evidence” proving that PO politicians lied for years, saying that the reason for not paying Poland money for KPO was due to changes in the law. He stated that the evidence includes, among others: words of the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who – as he said – said that Poland can now be paid EU money “because there has been a change.”

– Tusk’s party took power, Tusk’s party has Poland under control, money can be paid to Poland. This was a condition, he said. – And this indictment should be directed against you, ladies and gentlemen – he said towards PO politicians.

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk (PiS) stated that the information presented on Friday was a “spectacular embarrassment”. He stated that its authors did not know the act on departments, which states which minister is responsible for what. The MP emphasized that the Minister for European Affairs is not responsible for submitting applications regarding the NWP. – But the authors don’t know this, they write something on their knees, they have no idea that they are hitting the fence and there is already an error in the title – said the former EU minister.

He also argued that “no money was lost.” – So how can we talk about a failure to fulfill duties and a loss of money (…), how can we say that this is the responsibility of the Minister for European Affairs, if this minister was not responsible for submitting this application – he added.

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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