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KPO. This is how Spain is modernizing the country thanks to funds from the EU reconstruction fund

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Spain shows what is possible when the government does not violate democratic principles – neither the rule of law nor European values. It is possible to build several dozen thousand nurseries that will make the lives of local parents and children easier. It’s about money for KPO.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Spain hard. In 2020, GDP decreased there by as much as 11 percent – mainly because tourism, one of the most important sectors of the economy, completely stopped. For many months, hotels and restaurants were closed. So when the European Union prepared a reconstruction plan, the Spaniards did not delay. They were among the first to apply for EU funds.

And because they completed the applications correctly and started achieving the so-called milestones, Brussels paid them the first money two years ago – in August 2021. So far, Spain has received an advance payment and three tranches. A total of EUR 37 billion, which is more than half of the amount requested.

Madrid decided not to use loans, only grants. He applied for a total of 69 and a half billion euros, representing 5.7 percent of Spain’s GDP. Spain was the first country to receive funds from the Recovery Fund and the only one to have already unlocked three tranches of payments, thus ahead of other governments. Madrid is a leader in achieving subsequent milestones despite this year’s elections and problems with forming a government, but the fund is not the subject of a political dispute. Spain was one of its originators, and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that these measures would contribute to the biggest economic leap since the country’s accession to the EU.

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A sea of ​​investments

Thanks to EU funds, equipment older than 12 years is to be replaced in Spanish hospitals. This mainly concerns specialized diagnostic devices. In 2022, the Spanish purchased 200 new resonators, tomographs and gamma cameras. In the following years, they will receive another 650 pieces of such equipment.

65,000 new places in nurseries for children up to three years of age are to be created throughout the country. Over 43,000 of these new places have already been created. New places are being created for specialized vocational training for the unemployed. Thanks to them, 200,000 people will gain new professions and new jobs.

Work is underway on 36 farms to make the production of food of animal origin less harmful to the climate.

There are still over three years left to use the funds, so tendering, construction and implementation procedures are still ongoing in many places. In addition to large, nationwide projects, the Spanish also implement smaller, local investments. In Almeria in Andalusia, an intersection was renovated and a new parking lot was built. The first four-kilometer section of a new bicycle path was built in Madrid. In Granada, artificial intelligence supports the operation of the metro and tram network to make it safer and more efficient.

Investments vary in nature and purposes. The Spanish are renovating municipal apartments, buying tablets for students, expanding infrastructure for electric cars, renovating monuments, and creating systems for saving and obtaining water.

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