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KPO – when Poland can receive money, relations of the new government with the European Union. Janusz Lewandowski comments

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The lack of funds from the KPO is a great economic loss. We know the culprits – it’s the government, President Duda and the Constitutional Tribunal – said Janusz Lewandowski, former EU commissioner for the budget and currently MEP of the Civic Platform, in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. He estimated that there is “very little time” to quickly unlock this money, but “there is still a loophole.” He also talked about the attitude of the current government towards the European Union.

Janusz Lewandowski, former minister of ownership transformation, former EU commissioner for the budget, and currently MEP of the Civic Platform, spoke in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about the possible unblocking of money from KPO after the new government takes power.

He stated that the lack of funds from this fund “is a great economic loss.” – We know the culprits – this is the government, this is President Duda and Constitutional Court) Przyłębska – he added.

Lewandowski on unblocking the KPO: there is little time, but there is a loophole

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Lewandowski assessed that there is “very little time” to quickly unlock this money. – This entire program was designed in such a way that, under the credibility of the European budget, it could quickly borrow huge sums from the markets and pump this money into the economy after the pandemic as quickly as possible. This was the original idea, and we don’t have the money, he continued.

At the same time, he added that “there is still a loophole” in this matter, which – as he explained – “leads through Article 21 of the regulation” (establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility – ed.), which states that if, for reasons beyond the government’s control, we have made it, it can still be negotiated somehow, and these negotiations will take place on the foundation of the enormous credibility of Tusk and the coalition.” He added that “this government deserves credit for trust.”

Where the implementation of the recovery and resilience plan, including milestones and targets, is no longer possible – wholly or partially – due to objective circumstances, the Member State concerned may submit a justified request to the Commission to amend or replace Council implementing decisions

Lewandowski: Kaczyński’s constant repertoire is to scare German Europe

Lewandowski also referred to the words of representatives of the current government camp, who threaten Poland with loss of independence due to voting in one of the European Parliament committees.

“Project of liquidation of the Polish state”, “loss of sovereignty”, “turning Poland into a German land”. PiS’s powerful manipulation

He said that those in power “are scaring people again.” – They threatened during the accession referendum in 2003 that we would be flooded with Western food and that they would buy our land. Things turned out completely differently, because Polish food exports increased sevenfold after 2004 and we have a positive balance. Now they are threatening again, because Kaczyński’s permanent repertoire, who is obsessed with Germany, (…) is to scare Europe with German – he said.

At the same time, he added that “it is very far from the position of the European Parliament committee regarding any treaty settlement.” – So don’t let them scare you. I can bet that the final outcome will be completely different, he added.

The MEP stated that “the PiS government is the first government in the history of the reborn Republic of Poland which the EU prevents from governing.” – It was rather help in the form of a large market, funds, thousands of Erasmus scholarship holders and our feeling that we are full Europeans, but it bothers them because for them sovereignty is an arrangement of Budapest in Warsaw – he added.

– Poland is back in the game, also through the Weimar Triangle. We can co-decide on the fate of Europe, and in Europe we win through coalition ability, not through bloat and veto, because the veto is the weapon of the weak. We had the ability to form a coalition, we had a chance to push our programs under the EU banner – for example, the Eastern Partnership, the Energy Union. And we are back in the game – said Janusz Lewandowski.

Lewandowski on relations with the EU: Poland is back in the gameTVN24

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