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Kraków, 7 Retoryka Street. Mothers and children drew on the pavement with chalk. The police intervened

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Two women with children appeared in front of the Law and Justice headquarters in Krakow and made chalk drawings on the pavement. The houses and the signs “nobody is illegal” were to be “a gesture of tenderness and gentle objection” to the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. The police intervened in the case.

Zuzanna Skolias-Pakuła described in social media the police intervention, which was to take place on Thursday at Retoryka Street in Krakow, where the local Office of the Regional Board of Law and Justice is located. “The police requisitioned the chalk, wrote down the mothers of children who, in a gesture of love and tenderness towards their exhausted families on the Polish-Belarusian border, outlined the pavement with houses, balloons and slogans in the style of + no one is illegal +” – the woman wrote.

Drawings and inscriptions appeared on the sidewalkTVN24

A police technician appeared on the sceneFB- Zuzanna Skolias-Pakuła

According to her report, police technicians appeared on the spot to photograph the paintings and assess the damage.

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“Adults and children from the Kraków group of Rodzina_bez_granic (original spelling – editor’s note) have been coming to this address every day for several days to express their objection and disagreement with the way the government treats suffering people (sometimes even 1.5 years old) in the most gentle way. people like Ayten from the “Michałów” group of refugees) wandering in the border forests.

The drawings appeared in front of the PiS headquartersTVN24

Police: children can do more, policemen’s attention is focused on adults

The Krakow police referred to the described situation. She confirmed that there was an intervention on Retoryka Street on Thursday.

– The policemen patrolling the area noticed two adults with children. Children drew some houses on the sidewalk, and adults placed inscriptions there – reports the Chief Inspector. Katarzyna Cisło, spokeswoman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow.

The officers who were on the spot identified two women. They are to appear at the police station to give explanations. – It is possible that the women violated Art. 63a of the Petty Offenses Code. It concerns applying drawings without the consent of the site manager. Of course, we all know that children can do more, but in this case the attention of policemen focused on adults – explains Cisło.

The spokeswoman confirmed that the “tools for making the inscriptions” were secured. The circumstances of this situation will be clarified.

Police: officers secured the tools with which the inscriptions were madeTVN24

Main photo source: FB- Zuzanna Skolias-Pakuła

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