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Krakow, A4 highway. Drivers blocked the passage of the transplant ambulance

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Mr. Bogusław, the driver of the transplant ambulance, was going to collect the liver and lungs for transplantation. The long weekend has just begun. As he told us in an interview with our portal, the vehicle was repeatedly blocked by other drivers on the highway. One of them, for example, prevented an ambulance from going through the gate, “as if nothing had happened, he went out to get a ticket.” Mr. Bogusław sent the films documenting the problems with the journey to Kontakt 24. He added that he would also inform the police about the case.

Two transplant ambulances left for the A4 motorway near Krakow on Wednesday, June 7. They were going for lungs and a liver for a transplant. Organs must be implanted within three hours of donation. Meanwhile, as the ambulance driver, Mr. Bogusław, estimates, due to the behavior of other road users, his vehicle – moving as a privileged vehicle – lost about 20 precious minutes on the motorway.

“For ambulance drivers, every trip is associated with a lot of stress”

– I have been driving a transplant ambulance for 17 years and unfortunately I have to say that situations with incorrect behavior of drivers happen on every trip. On June 7th it was even more difficult because there was a lot of traffic due to the long weekend. People went on holidays and unfortunately they only thought about themselves. I’m afraid it could get even worse as the holidays are approaching. For ambulance drivers, every trip is associated with a lot of stress. Sometimes I joke that we should get through it faster on retirement – said Mr. Bogusław in an interview with the editors of Kontakt24.

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The recording he provided shows that drivers do not yield the right of way, stop the road or otherwise block the passage. – A driver decided to block the gate on the motorway and went out as if nothing had happened to get a ticket. The other driver didn’t pull over to let me overtake him. A second ambulance and fire trucks were following me, the driver described.

He added that “it is also common for people who drive in the left lane not to turn to the right earlier.” -I do not understand this. We have loud beeps, plus blue lights, and people don’t respond to it. Sometimes I think they can’t use mirrors, our interlocutor said.

The ambulance got stuck on the gates, among other thingsContact24 / Boguslaw

“People need to understand that they may need help themselves someday”

Organs for transplantation traveled a significant part of the way by helicopter. However, it was not possible for all transport to take place by air. – Ambulances were going to the airport, where a Bryza plane from a military unit landed. The military is sometimes involved, as are the police and fire departments. The plane cannot transport the organs directly to the hospital or land on the highway, so ambulances must go to the airport in such situations and collect the organs – Mr. Bogusław explained to us.

The portal Wojsko-polskie.pl also informed about the action. As he specified, the organs were transported by M28B Bryza plane from the 43rd Naval Aviation Base

“The plane took off from the airport in Oksywie at 12.52 and landed at the airport in Balice at 14.35. In the evening, a team of transplant doctors together with the authority boarded the plane, which started the return flight to the Tri-City. After an hour and a half flight, the plane landed at the Oksywie airport and the doctors went to the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk, where a patient was waiting for them.

Drivers blocked the wayContact24 / Boguslaw

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The police will be notified

The ambulance driver said he would hand over the video to the police. – We should talk as much as possible about the correct behavior in a situation where emergency vehicles are driving. “People need to understand that they may need help themselves someday, and then we’ll be wasting our time pushing through other cars,” he added.

The police ensure that when a report is received, drivers who break the rules will not escape punishment. – Persons identified as committing an offense are “invited” for questioning, there is a fine procedure – Bartosz Izdebski from the press team of the Lesser Poland Police explained to us.

Kontakt24 / TVN24 Krakow

Main photo source: Contact24 / Boguslaw

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