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Krakow, accident near the Dębnicki bridge. The prosecutor’s office is waiting for the test results

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According to the prosecutor’s office, the car was going “at least three times faster” than the speed limit. At some point, Patryk P. lost control of the wheel, went off the road and hit a wall. He and three passengers died instantly.

Four men aged 20 to 24 died in an accident at the intersection of Zwierzyniecka and Krasińskiego Streets in Kraków. Firefighters had to use hydraulic tools to free them from the crushed car. Resuscitation performed at the scene was unsuccessful.

– Basically, the injuries that were found on the spot, i.e. those in the head area, were the cause of death of each of the participants of this ride – informed prosecutor Rafał Babiński from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow.

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Preliminary results will be known in a few days

When asked about the driver’s toxicology test, the prosecutor said that its preliminary results would be known in a few days. – Within a few days, we will have a preliminary answer to the question of whether alcohol or other psychotropic substances have been found in the blood. Detailed research is a matter of the next few weeks – said Babiński.

The speed limit in the area where the accident occurred is 40 km/h. According to the prosecutor, “the car was going at least three times faster”, and the cause of the tragedy was the speed not adapted to the road conditions. Babiński also noted that the exact speed of the yellow Renault will be determined on the basis of the analysis of monitoring recordings.

The prosecutor’s office assures that there is no doubt: it was Patryk P. who was driving the yellow Renault at the time of the accident. He got behind the wheel a few dozen seconds before the event. At the same time, police are looking for witnesses to the accident, including a pedestrian visible in the surveillance video.

The police are looking for a witness to the accidentKrakow City Hall

An accident in Krakow

Down accident near the Dębnicki bridge took place on Saturday at 3 o’clock. A Renault car was driving along Krasińskiego Street towards the bridge. In the area of ​​the intersection with ul. Zwierzyniecka drove into a signaling pole and rolled over the stairs by the bridge. Downstairs, on Czerwieński Boulevard, the car hit a barrier wall. Four people from the Wieliczka poviat died on the spot – a 24-year-old driver and three passengers aged 20 to 24.

There is a speed limit of 40 km/h before the bridgeTVN24

The recording from the surveillance cameras, which the Krakow city hall published in social media “as a cautionary tale”, shows a car speeding through the streets of Krakow. One of the cameras registered a pedestrian appearing in front of the speeding vehicle (he was passing in a forbidden place). When he sees a car approaching at high speed, he freezes, then jumps back. Renault driver hits traffic cones, skids. It approaches the traffic light pole, but only rubs against it (the signal light frame falls off, the pole remains). Sparks fly from the undercarriage, the car is already moving sideways on the pavement.

Then – which can no longer be seen in the published films – the car rolled over the stairs by the bridge. Downstairs, on Czerwieński Boulevard, the car hit a wall surrounding a pedestrian and bicycle path.

– The vehicle hit the wall with its roof, which crushed the passenger space – described junior insp. Sebastian Gleń from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow.

Main photo source: tvn24

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