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Krakow is waiting for a positive change

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Prime Minister Donald Tusk himself came to Aleksander Miszalski's aid. Professor Stanisław Mazur, who supported the Platforma candidate, withdrew from the race. However, there are other, strong candidates in the game.

For 22 years, nothing changed in Krakow – Jacek Majchrowski ran for the mayor of the city and Jacek Majchrowski won. But now everything is open. – The fact that the incumbent president resigned from running created an opportunity for both party and non-party candidates, and for the incumbent vice president – points out Prof. Andrzej Piasecki, political scientist from the University of Economics in Krakow.

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There were nine candidates for the mayor of Krakow. These are representatives of the largest parties – Aleksander Miszalski, Łukasz Kmita, Rafał Komarewicz and Konrad Berkowicz. Former vice-presidents: Andrzej Kulig and Jerzy Muzyk, as well as independent candidates: Łukasz Gibała, Stanisław Mazur, Adam Harneńczyk. In this situation, it is obvious that there will be a second round of elections, and who gets into it is a lottery.

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Candidates for the president of KrakowFakty TVN

Support from Donald Tusk

The Krakow Platform has never been strong. In the last two elections for the mayor of the city, it did not even introduce a candidate to the second round. Now he wants to fight to take over the city. That's why Donald Tusk came to Krakow on Wednesday to support Aleksander Miszalski. However, half an hour before Donald Tusk arrived in Krakow, there was an unexpected turn of events. The civic candidate, former rector of the University of Economics, Stanisław Mazur, withdrew from the elections. If the Coalition candidate wins, Mazur will become his vice president. – This support guarantees that we will be together in the second round – notes Miszalski.

For Donald Tusk, this turn is a signal that change in Krakow is possible. – If someone like that decides to say: this is my candidate for president, it has double or triple importance. A very serious sign that Krakow is waiting for a change, but a positive change – emphasizes the Prime Minister.

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Four days before the elections, Tusk not only supports his candidate, but also criticizes his most serious rival – Łukasz Gibała. – He thinks about investing only in himself – says Tusk. Local polls show that Gibała, previously a member of Parliament from the Civic Platform and then from the Palikot Movement, has a chance for the second round. He will run for president of Krakow for the third time. He has been running the campaign continuously for years.

Tusk announces that the election promise from the previous campaign will be fulfilled this year – grandma will be paid – and encourages people to vote in order to finally defeat PiS. – If we do not win these elections, the trend may reverse – says the head of government.

Poznań local elections 2024. Grandmother and grandson are running for the city council20/03Paweł Łabęda, TVN24

Jerzy Muzyk withdrew from the duel

PiS is not very strong in Krakow itself, but Małgorzata Wasserman previously entered the second round. Now former voivode Łukasz Kmita is running. – The credibility of the Platform's candidate is as high as the credibility of “100 specifics for a hundred days” – said the Law and Justice candidate for the president of Krakow.

The outgoing president anointed his vice president, Andrzej Kulig, as his successor. – Krakow cannot be condemned to a competition between two large parties – emphasizes Kulig. In this case, the campaign also took an unprecedented turn, because another vice-presidential candidate – Jerzy Muzyk – who supported Kulig, withdrew.

In this confusion, everything that can tip the scales counts. – The chances are so equal that just 3-4 percent more support is enough and the candidate enters the second round – explains Prof. Andrzej Piasecki.

So far, the presidential elections in Krakow have been boring. Today they are the most interesting duel in Poland.

Main photo source: Łukasz Gągulski/EPA/PAP

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