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Krakow, Myslenice. A customer has stolen a rental car and is facing jail

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A 54-year-old man who failed to return a rental car and drove it like his own for several months is facing up to five years in prison. Police officers found a vehicle worth PLN 115,000 on one of the properties in Myślenice (Małopolskie Voivodeship).

On April 6, employees of one of the car rental companies in the Krakow poviat informed the police about the misappropriation of one of the rented vehicles. The company wanted to recover a Ford worth PLN 115,000, the keys to which had been picked up by a 54-year-old customer a few months earlier.

Appropriated carLesser Poland Police

Police: despite summons, the customer did not return the car

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The notifying party informed the officers of the District Police Headquarters in Kraków that the client, despite the expiry of the lease agreement and the passage of several months, as well as several calls sent by the law firm, did not return the car and avoided contact.

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The uniforms determined that the car is most likely in the Myślenice district.

Appropriated carLesser Poland Police

– The law enforcement officers from Myślenice, on the property indicated by policemen from the District Police Headquarters in Krakow, revealed a lost Ford among other parked vehicles and found a 54-year-old whose details matched those on the car rental contract – junior inspector Sebastian Gleń informed in a message , press officer of the Lesser Poland Police. The recovered car was handed over to the representative of the rental company on the spot.

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On Tuesday (April 11), the 54-year-old was charged with car misappropriation. He faces up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Lesser Poland Police

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