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Krakow, spoofing. Police warn against calls from fraudsters

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The police warn against cybercriminals pretending to be the phone numbers of the Małopolska police force. Spoofers call you to request a transfer to “protect” your money. The phone from the alleged policeman was answered on Tuesday by a resident of Krakow.

Officers said in a statement that a phone call to a resident of Krakow was to be made by an alleged policeman from the Cybercrime Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow, who wanted her to transfer her money from the account in order to “protect” them.

As indicated, on the phone display a telephone number starting with 4783 …, the number of the Małopolska police force, appeared. Nothing could be more wrong. “Fraudsters cannot seize the number – such a number is displayed only during a call and in fact they call from a different number” – explained the representatives of the police.

Fortunately, the resident of Krakow remained sober of mind and was not fooled, hung up and contacted the cyber department herself.


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What is spoofing?

Officers noticed that the method fraud spoofing is more and more often the cause of loss of life savings. “Spoofing is a new method of phishing sensitive data or money. It involves the use of software to change the telephone number or name of the caller, which the recipient sees on the display of his / her telephone” – explained.

In addition to new technologies, the perpetrators also use various social engineering tricks to manipulate the interlocutor and gain access to his smartphone or computer, and consequently to his bank account. The victim of spoofing, suggesting the number displayed on the phone, is convinced that he is talking to the bank’s hotline, an office employee or a policeman. Most of the talks – as the police emphasize – contain two elements: time pressure and a sense of threat.

The policemen call for caution in this type of contacts and for verification of the identity of the people who call us. As emphasized, “any telephone request for money or bank details should be viewed as an attempted fraud.” “In such a situation, it is best to enter the number of the bank or police unit yourself, call, inform about the received call and verify the information provided” – indicated.

As a result of a successful spoofing attack, we may lose all funds accumulated on the account.

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