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Krakow, ul. Rhetorists. Children drew houses on the sidewalk with chalk, mothers added slogans. Police closed the case

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They came with the children to the headquarters of the Law and Justice party in Krakow. Children made chalk drawings on the sidewalks. There were inscriptions next to it, including “no one is illegal”. Moms were written down and were to give an explanation. However, the police canceled the summons and “closed the case”. Both women found out that they could take the confiscated chalk from them. – This is a disgrace, a caricatured situation – says one of the representatives of “Family Without Borders”.

The Krakow police have completed an analysis of the case of two women who were identified and listed last week at 7 Retoryka Street in Krakow, right next to the local headquarters of the Law and Justice party. It was about two mothers who made chalk paintings with their children on the pavement. They were houses and signs saying “no one is illegal”. In this way, they wanted to draw attention to the difficult situation of people on the Polish-Belarusian border – explained the “perpetrators”.

The officers wrote down, their superiors analyzed

According to the policemen who patrolled the area, the women could violate Art. 63a of the Petty Offenses Code, which concerns drawing without the consent of the site manager.

§ 1. Whoever places an advertisement, poster, placard, appeal, leaflet, inscription or drawing in a public place not intended for this purpose, or exhibits them elsewhere without the consent of the administrator of that place, shall be subject to the penalty of restriction of liberty or a fine. § 1a. Inciting and abetting are punishable by law. § 2. In the event of committing an offense, you can order the forfeiture of items used or intended to commit the offense, even if they are not the property of the perpetrator, and a surcharge of up to PLN 1,500 or the obligation to restore to the previous state.

On Monday, both mothers received phone calls from the police station to keep them from coming. – The policewoman said that the chalk could be collected because the tests showed that it was washable, that there was no permanent damage to the pavement and that I did not have to come to the questioning. She added that to draw on the sidewalk you must have the consent of the Municipal Street Administration and asks you not to express your views in such places – reports Ms Aleksandra in an interview with tvn24.pl.

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We asked the police for a comment. – The policemen acted ad hoc. In the course of further analysis of the collected materials, the officers’ superiors decided to end the case. They decided that it would be appropriate to draw the attention of the people who applied the paintings, informed Paweł Grzywacz from the Krakow police.

Cracow. Police to cancel the summons for the drawings on the sidewalkTVN24

“This is a disgrace”

Other mothers, who also appear on Retoryka Street with their children, do not hide their indignation at the diligence of the police taking care of the sidewalk drawings. – However, this is a disgrace and in this whole situation the requisitioning of chalk, writing down and all this game of cat and mouse is absurd. This is a caricatured situation. While we are there only because people are dying on our border. We do not want to provoke or destroy property, we only want to call for action by the rulers and the opposition parties, because we are witnessing a humanitarian crisis – says TVN24 Aleksandra Lipczak from “Family Without Borders”.


Drawings and inscriptions appeared on the sidewalkTVN24

The policemen appeared in two minutes, intervened for 40 minutes

The drawings were intervened on Thursday. The first one – around 4.15 p.m. – Mrs. Aleksandra came to Retoryka Street with her nearly four-year-old son and a baby in a pram. – I chalked up two words: “no one is illegal” and “where are the children?” We were supposed to go, but my son started to draw something else – he says.

At around 4.30 p.m. Magdalena with her 3.5-year-old daughter appeared at Retoryka. – I managed to write that “no one is illegal”, two or three minutes passed and a police car came – he recalls. Both ladies remember that it was a large police car, from which about eight policemen got out.

The drawings were made in front of the PiS headquarters at Retoryka Street in KrakowFB- Zuzanna Skolias-Pakuła

Mrs. Aleksandra: – Fully armed, they looked terrifying. I thought there was something wrong somewhere, but they came up to us.

Magdalena: – They identified us and said that they had received a notification that someone was drawing something here, that it must be examined by a criminal technician, because it is not known if we did not cause permanent damage to the pavement. And my daughter asked, mother, the rain will not wash this chalk off? – They were consulting something over the phone all the time, they described that there was a house and a train drawn on the pavement – adds Aleksandra.

According to the mothers, the entire intervention lasted more than 40 minutes. Finally, they received a summons to the police station on October 18 in connection with an offense under article 63: – To my son’s despair, they took a whole box of pavement crayons from us for examination. I asked if one was not enough. No, I heard, they have to take all of them. And the policeman took them to a polybag.

The drawings appeared in front of the PiS headquartersTVN24

When that day earlier, the mother was drawing with her son in Retoryka, but further from the PiS headquarters, behind the green belt, no one was against her. – I was drawing with my daughter in Plac Inwalidów, I told the intervening policemen about it, but they were not interested – says Magdalena.

Main photo source: FB- Zuzanna Skolias-Pakuła

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