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Krakow, Zakrzówek. Fines for drinking alcohol, playing music and parking illegally after the park and pools open

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Nearly half a thousand tickets have been issued by city guards in the newly opened Zakrzówek park in Krakow since June 1. Although the swimming pool in the lagoon has been operating for only a few days, you can enter the area of ​​the former quarry for longer. The attraction attracts crowds, but some break the rules by drinking alcohol, playing music from the speakers, and even jumping into the water from the rocks. The officers have their hands full.

Since June 1, when Park Zakrzówek was made available to residents, city guards recorded a total of 693 offenses, of which 499 resulted in a fine. These are penalties for, among others, drinking alcohol or using loudspeakers and wrong parking. But also for climbing dangerous rocks, some of which – despite the ban – jump into the water.

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This is not a new problem – due to irresponsible behavior of people visiting Zakrzówek, there are often tragedies. The last accident happened in this lagoon on June 5. A man died then, who jumped into the water from a cliff, from a height of about 15 meters. Even when the whole park was still a construction site there have been many similar incidents.

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Zakrzówek in Krakow after the opening of the park and bathing areastvn24.pl

Zakrzówek. Tickets for illegal parking, drinking alcohol and loud music

Most interventions so far concerned ordinary road traffic offences, including stopping and traffic bans – violations of these rules were recorded 291 times. But as many as 222 offenses were related to non-compliance with park regulations. Using it, among other things, they crossed the safety barriers.

Although uniformed officers are aware that some enter more dangerous places and jump into the water, the guards themselves do not intervene in these most risky places.

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Zakrzówek in Krakow after the opening of the park and bathing areastvn24.pl

– The city guard does not climb the rock ledges to run after people who found themselves there against the rules of the regulations. On the one hand, it is about the safety of the officer, and on the other hand, about the safety of people who have already entered there – said Marek Anioł, spokesman for the City Guard of the City of Krakow. – There are interventions in Zakrzówek, especially in the evenings, during which people who know that they break the rules try to hide in the bushes. Causing nervous situations where such a person tries to escape can lead to tragedy, he added.

Zakrzówek is open, swimming pools are open

Zakrzówek has been visited by crowds since the beginning of the month, when this area was made available to residents after several years of work. It took place on Thursday official opening of the park with a guarded bathing area.

Park Zakrzówek is a unique project in Poland, under which paths for walking and five swimming pools with a depth of 40 centimeters to two meters were created in the lagoon of the former quarry. High cliffs surround the water.

Zakrzówek in Krakow after the opening of the park and bathing areastvn24.pl

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From Thursday (June 22), safety at the completed swimming pool is guarded by lifeguards. – The park is open 24 hours a day, while the bridges themselves will be closed at night, i.e. from 10 pm, so that there are no dangerous situations or events (…). Bathing in the entire reservoir is allowed in the entire area at your own risk, while in the pools themselves between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. we can be sure that if we or our children (…) come to bathe in the pools, they will be under the care of lifeguards – explains Piotr Kempf, director of the Municipal Greenery Authority in Krakow. Rescuers will be present in Zakrzówek until June 3.

There are also plans to open a beach for dogs, which will be made available after the completion of works on most of the reservoir. Officials from the Municipal Greenery Management emphasize that at the moment, the last works are still underway on a large reservoir at the Water Sports Center, which will become a base for divers and professionals.

Zakrzówek was established in 1990 after the flooding of an old limestone quarry and for years it has been a place of both summer recreation and year-round activity of the inhabitants. From the second half of 2019, it remained a construction site.

Main photo source: tvn24.pl

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