Krakow, Zakrzówek. Popular swimming spot first for residents? “It was voted on”


A beautiful bathing area like a holiday paradise, but to get to this paradise you have to stand in line for three hours. In Krakow's Zakrzówek on summer days this is already the norm, so the authorities say “enough” and announce limits. Priority entry is to be given to Krakow residents.

A maximum of 600 people can be allowed on the piers in Krakow's Zakrzówek. The rest of those who want to must wait until someone else leaves. “We'll stand for an hour, an hour and a half at most. Last time we stood for three,” admits one of the interviewees. And since the people of Krakow have built their own paradise, they don't want to wait for hours.

– It was voted that the first to enter the swimming pool will be the residents of Krakow – says Dariusz Nowak from the Krakow City Hall.

The councilors decided that holders of the Kraków Card, which proves that they pay taxes in the city, should stand in a shorter queue. The resolution itself has not yet come into force.

– The card gives you a discount on admission to a museum, so Zakrzówek is not exceptional, it is another step in our consistent efforts to help residents – comments Grzegorz Stawowy, a Krakow councilor from the Civic Coalition Councilors' Club.

– We want tourists to come to Krakow, but in a situation where there is a conflict, the interests of Krakow's residents should come first – adds Łukasz Wantuch, a resident of Krakow and former city councilor.

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Will the night prohibition in Krakow be extended? “We want to start this discussion”Stefania Kulik/Fakty po Południe TVN24

The resolution would exclude some queue-goers, believes the swimming pool manager, and in order to reduce crowds, he proposes introducing fees.

– The benefits for residents are that the first hour, the first two hours are free, and then there is a fee. Then it would cause a kind of rotation – says Łukasz Pawlik from the Municipal Greenery Board in Krakow.

Too much concrete and not enough bathing areas

The desire to cool off in beautiful surroundings is obvious when there is too much concrete in the city and not enough bathing areas. – The wild crowds in Zakrzówek are also caused by the fact that almost all outdoor swimming pools in Krakow have been closed for the last 10-15 years – points out Maciej Fijak from the “Akcja Ratunkowa dla Krakowa” Association. – In Krakow, there is generally a lack of access to water – he adds.

How is this possible when so much of it flows through the city centre? Years ago, there was a municipal beach on the Vistula. Removing the sand from there is a mistake – believe the members of the Rescue Action for Krakow.

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– Don't disturb this river, because if we didn't disturb it, we would have a beautiful beach at the height of Wawel – says Maciej Fijak. Instead, there is a quarrel about the right of way in Zakrzówek.

The entry into force of the resolution on Cracovians entering without queuing now depends on the Malopolska Voivode, who wants explanations from the Mayor of Cracow and councillors. – Doubts are raised by the violation of equal access to public space here. And what if a family from outside Cracow comes to visit one of the Cracovians and, I don't know, one brother enters and the other brother is asked out and does not enter? – points out the Malopolska Voivode Krzysztof Klęczar.

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