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Krośnice Commune. Coli bacteria detected. Water is not suitable for consumption

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In some localities of the Krośnice commune in the Lower Silesian province, water is not suitable for consumption – informed the District Sanitary Inspector in Milicz. It can only be used for sanitary purposes. In the samples, an exceedance of the microbiological parameter, i.e. the number of coliform bacteria, was observed.

Unfit for consumption water comes from the Grabownica waterworks, from where it is supplied to the towns of Brzostowo, Brzostówko, Czarnogoździce, Dąbrowa, Dziewiętlin, Grabownica, Kotlarka, Krośnice, Luboradów, Pierstnica, Pierstnica Mała, Police, Świebodów, Wąbnice, Wierzchowice, Wolanka and Żeleźniki. The announcement in this matter was issued by the District Sanitary Inspector in Milicz.

“Zakład Usług Komunalnych w Krośnicach Sp. z o. o. – managing the water intake in the Grabownica waterworks (…) has been obliged to provide an alternative source of water supply for consumption and to take corrective actions to bring the water quality to the applicable requirements. The recommendation is valid until the next announcement is issued” – the sanitary-epidemiological station emphasized in the announcement.

RCB alert sent to residents

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Water from waterworks cannot be consumed or used for preparing meals. It is not suitable for bathing newborns, brushing teeth, or washing open wounds. It can only be used for sanitary purposes, such as flushing the toilet.

Residents from endangered areas were warned on Friday through RCB alerts. Information appeared on the Krośnice commune website that the transport of drinking water for residents is being organized using tankers.

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