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Krosno. Fire in Krosno. 270 firefighters have been battling the fire for almost 24 hours

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Firefighters have been extinguishing a warehouse fire in a DIY store in Krosno (Podkarpacie) for almost a day. There are 270 state and volunteer firefighters on site. During the operation, one of the rescuers fainted and one of the firefighters was slightly burned. Extinguishing the fire is made difficult by the very high temperature and heavy smoke.

In Krosno, the extinguishing of a fire that broke out in the warehouse section of a DIY store has been ongoing for almost a day. As Brigadier Dariusz Gruszka, press officer of the KM PSP in Krosno, informed us, the fire is not spreading to the store section.

– The fire is only in the warehouse section. The shop section has been defended, there is only smoke there. The fire is still not localized, firefighters do not have the exact source of the fire, due to the very high temperature, which prevents rescuers from entering the interior – Gruszka told us.

Firefighters are currently operating from the outside by sending water jets to the fire. Firefighters use thermal imaging cameras to locate the places with the highest temperature, where they can then apply water and extinguishing agent. They also have the option of applying water through two openings in the shop area.

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Fire at a DIY store in Krosno (6 a.m.)Adrian Krzanowski/Krosno24.pl

A rescuer fainted, a firefighter suffered burns

As reported by Brig. Gryszka, during the extinguishing operations, two accidents occurred: one of the rescuers fainted due to high temperature, after examination he was not taken to hospital. There was also a second situation, in which a firefighter suffered minor burns, was examined, dressed and then went home.

At the moment, there are 34 PSP units and 44 OSP units on site, as well as five police patrols and two drones used to monitor the situation from above.

There is also a laboratory on site that monitors air quality. At the moment, no elevated parameters have been detected, although traces of ammonia have appeared in the results and the police have designated a 500-meter zone where one cannot approach.

Fire at a DIY store in KrosnoAdrian Krzanowski/Krosno24.pl

Robots help put out fires

As reported on Wednesday evening by the spokesman for the Podkarpackie firefighters, Brigadier Marcin Betleja, extinguishing the fire is hampered by very high temperatures and huge smoke. The Colossus fire-fighting robot from the Leżajsk State Fire Service headquarters is being used on site, which helps fight the fire in difficult conditions. A second robot of this type from Małopolska has been dispatched to Krosno.

– The robot reaches places that a rescuer cannot reach or where there is too much risk for a human. For example, when there is a risk of explosion or collapse of a building – Betleja noted.

Fire at a DIY store in KrosnoAdrian Krzanowski/Krosno24.pl

There are no injured people

The fire broke out before 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Before the fire department arrived, 40 people had evacuated the building – 20 customers and 20 employees. No one was injured.

Fire at a DIY store in KrosnoAdrian Krzanowski/Krosno24.pl

Main image source: Adrian Krzanowski/Krosno24.pl

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