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Krosno Odrzańskie. They were driving cars stolen in Germany, and at the sight of the police they abandoned them in a grove. There is an indictment regarding the theft of buses from Germany

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Two cars disappeared from Germany and ended up near Gubin (Lubuskie Province). Buses worth about PLN 400,000 were recovered. Three people were detained for the case. The men have heard the charges and will soon be brought to trial.

An indictment was brought to court against three men who, according to investigators, are responsible for the theft of two buses from Germany, with a total value of about PLN 400,000. The theft took place in September last year. It was then that two buses disappeared from Germany. Officers from the Polish-German Cooperation Center of Border, Police and Customs Services in Świecko determined then that one of the vehicles had arrived in the Krosno poviat. This news got the traffic officers on their feet. One of the patrols spotted two wanted vehicles on the national road number 32.

– The first one was a bus – a camper with Polish license plates, followed by a bus reported by policemen from the center in Świecko. The uniforms immediately turned back and followed the car. At the sight of the police car turning back, the motorhome driver accelerated sharply, and then abandoned the vehicle in the grove. This gave rise to the suspicion that the car could also come from a crime – reports the subcommittee. Justyna Kulka, spokeswoman for the police in Krosno Odrzańskie.

One of the abandoned busesLubuskie Police


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They recovered stolen cars

The officers secured the car, and then they followed the second bus. After a while, also in the forest, the second of the stolen cars was found. – Among the people involved in the search for the drivers of these vehicles, there was also a guide with a police dog, who picked up the trail leading to a man hiding in the bushes. The efficient operation of the policemen and the tracking dog ended with the arrest of the 21-year-old, informs Kulka.

An officer with a tracking dog was involved in the searchLubuskie Police

The police officers’ suspicions were quickly confirmed. Cars abandoned in the grove were stolen from Germany. The value of the secured Fiat is over PLN 220,000, and the Citroen is PLN 180,000. An investigation team was called to the scene, along with a forensics technician, who carried out an examination. Over time, the officers also managed to reach other suspected people.

Three men will stand trial

– The work of investigators and the collected material in the case gave grounds for the preparation of an indictment against three men who have already been brought before the court – said a spokeswoman for the Krosno police.

The technicians conducted a visual inspectionLubuskie Police

The indictment contained charges for three people. The 21-year-old faces imprisonment from one year to 10 years for theft with a break-in, and three months to five years imprisonment for failing to stop at a roadside check. On the other hand, driving under the influence of psychotropic substances will be punished by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to two years. For theft with burglary, a 32-year-old may be imprisoned up to 15 years, and a 37-year-old from one to 15 years.

In total, the charges were heard by three peopleLubuskie Police

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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