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Krupe. He was drunk and drove into a ditch, because of “very difficult conditions” they could not lift the tanker. The road was blocked

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A drunk 64-year-old drove a tanker truck with fuel into a ditch in Krupe (Lubelskie Voivodeship) on Saturday evening. The vehicle turned over on its side and was still there on Sunday. The police emphasized that it is not known whether – due to very difficult weather conditions – it will be possible to put the vehicle on its wheels and unblock the road. Almost 20 hours after the incident.

On Saturday (January 10), around 6 p.m. in Krupe, on the provincial road No. 812 on the Chełm-Krasnystaw route, a truck with fuel overturned.

According to police findings, a 64-year-old citizen was behind the wheel Lithuaniawho did not adjust the driving speed to the weather conditions. As can be seen from the photos released by the police, there was no snow on the road at the time of the incident. The next photo, however, shows the vehicle lying in a snow-covered ditch.

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The truck had been here since Saturday night. In the meantime, it snowed Lublin Police

The driver had more than two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system

The man lost control of the vehicle and went into the ditch. The truck turned over on its side.

“The driver’s sobriety test showed that he had more than two per mille of alcohol in his body. The man was transported to the hospital” – announced in the message the aspirant Jolanta Babicz from the District Police Headquarters in Krasnystaw.

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She added that on Sunday an attempt would be made to put the tanker on wheels, which was very difficult due to the weather conditions.

“We appeal to drivers to be especially careful on the road and to follow the officers’ instructions. The conditions on the road are very difficult” – emphasized the policewoman.


Truck already on wheels, road cleared after almost 20 hours

Just before 2pm she informed us that the truck had been lifted and the road unblocked. – The action lasted from seven o’clock. The services used specialized equipment, which was brought from Lublin for this purpose, she noted.

The provincial road in Krupe has been blocked since Saturday evening. Drivers took detours.

Police initially determined that the 64-year-old did not adjust the speed to the weather conditions. Snow fell after the incidentLublin Police

The truck was put on wheels the next day KPP Krasnystaw

Main photo source: KPP Krasnystaw

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