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Kruszyna. A footballer of the LZS Burza Lipki team fainted during the match. Resuscitation on the pitch, LPR helicopter in rescue

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Dramatic scenes took place in Kruszyn (Opolskie Voivodeship) during a Class A match between the teams of LZS Kruszyna-Szybocin and LZS Burza Lipki. One of the players fainted on the field. The resuscitation took 45 minutes for the competitor to regain consciousness. The man was taken to hospital by a helicopter of the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

The portal “Prosto z Opolskiego” wrote about this dramatic event. The situation took place around 18.20 on Sunday, at the end of the match of the 4th round of the A group 2 games (seventh in the hierarchy of league football games in Poland) in the Brest poviat, between the teams of LZS Kruszyna-Szybocin and LZS Burza Lipki.

As reported, “one of the players of the LZS Burza Lipki team has fainted, a heart attack was suspected”.


The footballer’s resuscitation in Kruszyn lasted 45 minutesprostozopolskiego.pl

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Resuscitation action on the pitch, helped by firefighters

Immediately after the footballer lost consciousness, a resuscitation action began on the pitch, and help was also called. A helicopter of the Polish Medical Air Rescue flew to the scene. The rescue operation was initially undertaken by firefighters from the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit in Brzeg (Opolskie Voivodeship).

– Two groups from JRG Brzeg participated in the action. For the first 15 minutes, firefighters carried out a resuscitation action. After 15 minutes, the action was taken over by the crew of the LPR landing helicopter. After 45 minutes, vital functions were restored – informed Marek Zagórski from the State Fire Service in Brzeg.

Helicopter on the field. A resuscitation action by a footballerprostozopolskiego.pl

According to the portal, after the resuscitation action was completed, the player of the team from Lipki was transported by an LPR helicopter to the hospital in Opole. for further detailed research.

Recently, the loudest case of resuscitation of a football player on the pitch took place during Euro 2020 Denmark – Finland. The Danish representative, Christian Eriksen, lost consciousness then. He was revived for a long time, it turned out that he had a heart attack. The quick action of the medical services saved the life of the Inter Milan football player.

tvn24.pl, prostozopolskiego.pl

Main photo source: prostozopolskiego.pl

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