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Kryscina Cimanouska in Poland. The future of an athlete – Deputy Minister Marcin Przydacz comments

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The plane with the Belarusian Olympian Kryscin Cimanouska on board landed on Wednesday evening in Warsaw. Marcin Przydacz, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the athlete’s case on TVN24. As he assured, the sprinter “is and will be in a safe place, free from any threats”.

The plane with Krysciną Cimanouska on board landed in Warsaw on Wednesday. The Belarusian woman came to the Polish capital from Vienna. “Kriscina Cimanouska landed safely in Warsaw. I would like to thank the engaged diplomatic and consular services for planning and efficiently carrying out her trip. Poland once again shows its solidarity and support,” Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcin Przydacz wrote after the plane landed.


On Sunday, the athlete informed that in connection with the criticism of the actions of the sports authorities of her country was excluded from participating in the Gamesand the officers tried to force her to leave for Belarus. Ultimately, the athlete managed to free herself and accepted the offer of Polish aid – on Monday Cimanouska received a Polish humanitarian visa at the Polish Embassy in Tokyo.

Kryscina Cimanouska in WarsawFacebook / Mateusz Morawiecki

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Deputy Minister Przydacz on the details of Cimanouska’s trip to Poland

In the morning, Deputy Minister Przydacz spoke about the details of Cimanouska’s arrival to Warsaw via Vienna in the morning. As he said, “the decision to make such a flight was the result of an analysis of various risks and challenges related to this trip.” – We analyzed in a wider group what it could look like, what could happen. In order to minimize all possible risks, together with Mrs. Cimanouska, we decided to travel via Vienna, said Przydacz.

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– We are glad that it turned out to be a good decision in the end. The flight went without any complications, Mrs. Cimanouska landed safely in Warsaw and this is the best news – he added.

Przydacz: We are aware that not only Belarusian services may be interested in Cimanouska

When asked what protection would be provided to a Belarusian athlete in Poland, Przydacz replied that “by nature it would be difficult to say in detail what care it would be”.

– I can only assure you that Ms Cimanouska is and will be in a safe place, free from all kinds of threats, because we are aware that not only the Belarusian services, but also other countries may be interested in Ms Cimanouska, just as they are probably interested in many other people who for various political reasons they had to leave Belarus. We have thousands of them in Poland and Polish state institutions make every effort to ensure that they are safe. Przydacz pointed out.

Przydacz: We are aware that not only Belarusian services may be interested in Cimanouska

Main photo source: Facebook / Mateusz Morawiecki

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