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Krystyna Pawłowicz believes that Poles deserve to abolish the state. “I feel completely unpunished”

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Krystyna Pawłowicz commented on the results of the parliamentary elections in Poland. In his entry, the judge of the Constitutional Tribunal asks when German will be the official language in Poland and claims that “we deserve to liquidate our state.” Opposition politicians already have a plan to remove judges from the Constitutional Tribunal who violate the dignity of this institution.

In her entry, Krystyna Pawłowicz asks “when will German become official in Poland” and “when will hajlowanie return”, “Polish pigs”, “only for Germans”, “hands up”, “rauss”. “We deserved to have our country liquidated. We chose it ourselves. I don’t feel sorry for anyone anymore,” he sums up.

We showed the entry of the judge of the Constitutional Tribunal to the politicians of the parties that will most likely form the new government. – She never left the role of a politician – says Krzysztof Śmiszek, MP of the New Left. – In this way, this lady is destroying her office, but also the entire institution – says Robert Kropiwnicki, an MP from the Civic Coalition. – She does it because she feels completely unpunished, because today’s judges will not do anything about it – adds Arkadiusz Myrcha, MP from the Civic Coalition.

When we ask PiS politicians who voted for the election of Krystyna Pawłowicz as a judge of the Constitutional Tribunal about the same entry, they either downplay her entry or justify it as a defense of Poland. – Judge Krystyna Pawłowicz, a former MP, these things have always been very close to her heart – says Sebastian Kaleta, MP from Law and Justice.

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Although the Act on the status of judges of the Constitutional Tribunal states that a judge is liable to disciplinary action for violating the dignity of the office and violating the code of ethics, which explicitly states that a judge does not participate in public debate on political matters and refrains from making statements that may undermine the authority of the Constitutional Tribunal , only the judges of the Tribunal decide on disciplinary proceedings.

The opposition has a plan to remove Constitutional Tribunal judges

The future government coalition wants to include 30 retired judges of the Constitutional Tribunal in the work of the Constitutional Tribunal, who would jointly decide who, for example, violates the code of ethics or the dignity of the office. One of the penalties is to be removal from the position of a judge of the Tribunal.

– Amending the Act on the Constitutional Tribunal in such a way as to expand disciplinary panels to include retired judges. They, together with the current judges, will make decisions – explains MP Śmiszek.

Krystyna Pawłowicz resigns from running for vice-president of the Constitutional TribunalMichał Tracz/Fakty TVN

– Here we have Mrs. Pawłowicz, we have Mr. Święczkowski, who used his company car to buy alcohol for groceries, and behind whom there are very unpleasant stories from the National Prosecutor’s Office, so those people suspected in the Tribunal, those who will have to take into account various types of disciplinary or even criminal proceedings, there are certainly more – points out MP Myrcha.

The new law will require the president’s signature. The term of office of the first three judges elected by PiS ends next year in December.

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