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Krzysztof Bosak is still the deputy speaker of the Sejm. MPs against depriving him of his functions

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The Sejm voted against the dismissal of Krzysztof Bosak from the position of deputy speaker of the Sejm. Such a request was submitted by the Left. – He was conducting the debate then, he did not react, he did not interrupt the debate, he did not instruct MP Braun, he did absolutely nothing – argued Paulina Matysiak (Left Wing) in the Sejm.

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Broadcast of the Sejm session.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Sejm dealt with the Left’s motion to dismiss Krzysztof Bosak from the position of Deputy Speaker of the Sejm. The motion was related to the behavior of a Confederate MP Grzegorz Braun, who in December used a powder fire extinguisher to extinguish Hanukkah candles lit in the Sejm.

32 MPs were in favor of the motion, 77 were against it and 152 abstained. Therefore, the motion was not passed and Bosak remains the deputy marshal.

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Matysiak: it was not a rookie’s mistake

Earlier, a debate was held on the submitted motion to dismiss Krzysztof Bosak from the position of Deputy Speaker of the Sejm. The motion was presented by Left MP Paulina Matysiak. She recalled the incident involving MP Braun and drew attention to Bosak’s reaction at that time. – Of course, the marshal cannot supervise every MP and prevent every scandalous act, but there is something that the marshal not only can, but is obliged to do: take care of the agenda and the dignity of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. Meanwhile, after his embarrassing performance, MP Braun entered the plenary chamber of the Sejm and repeated his words from the Sejm rostrum, she said.

– MP Krzysztof Bosak, who as the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm was leading the debate at that time, did not react, did not interrupt the debate, did not instruct MP Braun, and did absolutely nothing. No one is so naive that they counted on some reprimand from MP Bosak towards their colleague from the club, but one can and should be required to fulfill the obligations arising from the position held – said Matysiak. – However, he is the Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia he had to assume the chairmanship of the meeting and perform these duties. This situation clearly proves that Krzysztof Bosak is not competent to hold the office of deputy speaker of the Sejm – she said.

According to the Left MP, Bosak “was not mature enough” to distance himself from his political camp as deputy marshal. – When you sit in the marshal’s chair, you represent the Sejm, not your colleagues, Matysiak said, assessing that Bosak’s behavior was not a “rookie’s mistake”, but an act in favor of the party’s interests. Matysiak appealed to MPs to vote for his dismissal.

“This disqualifies you as marshal”

Then, MP Adrian Zandberg spoke on behalf of the Left in the debate, confirming the Left’s support for Bosak’s dismissal from the position of deputy speaker and emphasizing that “there is no place for violence and anti-Semitic excesses in the Polish Sejm.” – The Speaker of the Sejm and deputy speakers should uphold the principles. This should be obvious, but unfortunately it is not – he said, referring to Krzysztof Bosak’s reaction to the incident involving Grzegorz Braun.

– We need to make it clear and unambiguous today in this parliamentary hall: the history and culture of Polish Jews is an integral part of the history of Polish culture – he added. – They cannot be erased from Polish culture and no hateful racist with a fire extinguisher in his hand will do it – he said.

As he said, Confederation had a chance to exclude the “hate-obsessed politician” from its ranks, but she didn’t use it. – You continue to give him asylum, shelter in your ranks, so you yourself have accepted political responsibility for his words and for what he did – said Zandberg, adding that Bosak allowed “disgusting and hateful words” to be expressed from the parliamentary rostrum, and then he rushed to the parliamentary benches to shake MP Braun’s hand. – This disqualifies you as marshal – said Zandberg.

Kowal about “micro-Nero with a fire extinguisher”

Paweł Kowal spoke in the debate on behalf of the Civic Coalition. -Was this just another crazy act by some micro-Nero who wanted to set something on fire so that people around the world would notice him? Or maybe there’s something more behind it? – He was asking. In his opinion, the idea was to once again draw attention to Poland in a negative context, to play on anti-Semitism and attack Polish tradition.

– It is not by accident that we light Hanukkah candles here, and it is not by accident that there is a cross here. Because we know where we come from, we know that in our beloved country, on this land, our Jewish brothers celebrated Hanukkah many times. And we want to refer to this tradition, he emphasized. As he said, the motion to dismiss Bosak is therefore about saying “no” to such behavior – as that of Grzegorz Braun. – You have to say a firm “no” to such people. And I also say this as a centrist, right-wing, conservative politician, said Kowal.

He noted that Wednesday’s debate “is about attitude and how we react and when we react.” – In this sense, it is also a debate on the political conscience of Krzysztof Bosak. Did he react properly? And we will evaluate it in today’s vote – added the KO MP.

– The essence of this discussion is the attitude in which someone presents himself as a patriot and beats Poland’s reputation in the world like a drum. We do not agree to this. Because with this act and your ambiguous reaction, you caused Poland to suffer damage, just as it suffered because of what the previous coalition did, said Kowal.

Fire extinguisher incident

In December, Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun used a powder fire extinguisher to extinguish Hanukkah candles lit in the Sejm. Then he appeared at the Sejm podium while Vice-Marshal Bosak was chairing the proceedings. The proceedings were taken over by Marshal Szymon Hołownia. The Left filed a motion to dismiss Bosak from the position of deputy speaker of the Sejm, arguing that he enabled Braun to deliver an anti-Semitic speech in which, among other things, called the Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony “racist.”

On Wednesday, the Sejm also voted to lift the immunity of Grzegorz Braun. On Tuesday, the prosecutor’s office’s motion in this case was supported by the regulations committee. The prosecutor’s office intends to bring seven charges against the Confederation MP.

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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