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Kuba Wojewódzki and Michał Figurski met after many years. “So many bad things happened between us”

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Yesterday, the guests of the latest episode of the “Kuba Wojewódzki” show were Anna Dymna and Michał Figurski. The actress talked about the benefits of helping her. In turn, the journalist talked about his fight against diabetes. The episode and fragments of the program that were not broadcast on TVN can be watched in Player.

Michał Figurski appeared on the couch Kuba Wojewódzki on the occasion of the premiere of the book “Najsłodszy”, in which he talks about his fight against diabetes. – This book is a record of the fact that you consciously committed suicide in installments. You were aware that you were killing yourself, said Kuba Wojewódzki. He gave his guest a cactus (previously Anna Dymna received a bouquet of 72 roses) and a drip. – This is a great art: giving someone water and insulting him – commented Figurski. Prompted by Wojewódzki to honestly summarize their relationship, he said: – I have a terrible weakness for you. This is some Stockholm syndrome.

Michał Figurski with Kuba Wojewódzki

Michał Figurski has been suffering from diabetes since he was 18. In 2015, he suffered a stroke. A year later, he underwent a kidney and pancreas transplant. He said that nothing better than a stroke could have happened to him: it was only after it that he began to take his health seriously. – The disease does not fit into today’s world. Everything has to be beautiful and neat (…) I didn’t have time to think of myself as a sick person because I was busy all the time. The disease did not suit being a celebrity, almost a friend of Kuba Wojewódzki. This book is a confession, said Figurski. He wrote “The Sweetest” for eight years, trying to understand why he got himself into this state. Figurski is 50 years old. He is a journalist, presenter and radio and television producer. At the age of 18, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He weighed over 130 kg. He began treatment, but when the disease went into remission, he forgot about it for 20 years. “My vigilance was completely reduced due to the remission. I felt immortal,” he said in interviews.

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