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“Kuba Wojewódzki”. Great viewership results and the best fragments of the 20th season

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The last episode of the 20th season of the show “Kuba Wojewódzki” is behind us. The host of the show once again proved that he is second to none. All episodes of the program, together with the addition “Kuba Wojewódzki. Continue”, which contains fragments not shown on air, can be watched in Player and VOD.pl. The new season is coming in spring.

The last season “Kuba Wojewodzki” it gathered an average of over 1.2 million viewers, including almost 700,000. viewers in the target group 20-54 years old. Such viewership gave TVN 9.5%. market share in the general group and almost 12 percent. in the target group. The show is also among the most frequently watched items on Player and VOD.pl.

“Kuba Wojewódzki” – the best of the 20th season

The best viewership in the 20th season was for episodes with Caroline Derpienski and Marcin Hakiel (episode 1) and with Tede and Eryk Kulm Jr. (episode 4).

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Caroline Derpienski, influencer and model, Wojewódzki asked about her life in Miami, her relationship with the mysterious millionaire, 60-year-old Jacek, and her unusual approach to money. Why does she want to be called Caroline and not Karolina? – I was Karolina when I had zero zlotys in my account and I lived in Białystok. But when I stepped foot into Miami, I became Caroline, she said. She also talked about, among others: about his meeting with Donald Trump. – I’m impressed that this is what we have in common: we both don’t care about criticism. We are moving forward. We make money. We’re going to get our own thing, she said.

Marcin Hakiel, the owner of dance schools, who recently divorced Katarzyna Cichopek, talked about the background of the breakdown of his marriage. – One day I got up and decided that I had to have detectives, not detectives, to know what was going on. When your marriage is falling apart and you don’t really know why it’s falling apart, it’s nice to know what’s going on in your life, he confessed. – Behind the scenes, my former wife and her current partner are making fun of me, both among their friends and in the industry. It’s like this information is just made up, I invest a lot in reliable and verified information – he added.

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"Kuba Wojewódzki"season 20, episode 1, Caroline Derpienski and Marcin Hakiel

Caroline Derpienski and Marcin Hakiel with Kuba Wojewódzki

In the fourth episode, Tede and Eryk Kulm Jr. sat on Wojewódzki’s couch. Ted, a legend of Polish hip-hop, producer and founder of a clothing brand, visited Cuba 22 years after the first invitation. He sang a song (Tomasz Makowiecki accompanied him on guitar). The host asked him how he reacted to the words that he was an “aging rapper from Warsaw”. – I have no problem with it, because the aging process is a natural process – replied Tede. And he added: – There are three bachelors from choice in the mainstream – it’s me, you and Jaroslaw Kaczynski. We all sacrificed ourselves for our country to be bachelors, he said.

Eryk Kulm Jr., the hottest name in Polish films in recent months (“Filip”, “In-Laws 2”, “Lipowo. Conspiracy of Silence”), recalled how, together with his mother – the late painter Alina Gorbatowska-Kulm – “he smoked blunts before Christmas Eve to eat more.” He also revealed his dream of being the first Polish actor to win Oscar for the best leading role. – I have an American passport. I’m coming to America. There is a long queue of emigrants. Mr. Eryk comes and says “welcome home” – he said, and then showed how he dropped the statuette received from Jane Fonda.

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"Kuba Wojewódzki"season 20, episode 3, Tede and Eryk Kulm Jr.

Tede and Eryk Kulm Jr. guests in the program “Kuba Wojewódzki” x-news

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