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Kuba Wojewódzki. Katarzyna Nosowska and Artur Barciś are the guests of the season finale – when is the broadcast

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– Don’t be a dictator. Be a story … It’s time for a quack on Tuesday and why Degrengolada sounds beautiful – announces Kuba Wojewódzki on Instagram, referring to the role of Artur Barciś in “Quick Man” and Katarzyna Nosowska’s new album “Degrengolada”.

The premiere of Katarzyna Nosowska’s long-awaited album is planned for May 19. This is her second solo album after the band Hey announced in 2017 that they were suspending their activities. At that time, the artist said that “this is the last moment to try to take off a little bit, instead of soaking your wings in a puddle”. She did not hide that she was going through a life crisis. Did she beat him?

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Kuba Wojewódzki |  Season 19 |  Episode 11 - Artur Barciś and Katarzyna Nosowska

Kuba Wojewódzki | Season 19 | Episode 11 – Artur Barciś and Katarzyna NosowskaKuba Wojewódzki | Season 19 | Episode 11 – Artur Barciś and Katarzyna Nosowskax-news

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Nosowska: “As if I ate air”

Nosowska says she has had a difficult time behind her. “Five years ago, in 2017, I experienced a personal armageddon, my life collapsed. I reached the point where I had to ask myself important questions and choose a new path,” she says in the latest interview in “Twoj Styl”. “I understood that the inner emptiness I felt was due to the hunger for love. I thought for a long time that it could come from the outside – I will meet a partner who will fill my emptiness, maybe my child will do it, maybe it will be filled with likes or the audience will reward me with applause “Attempts to fill this empty space in me with something from the outside gave an effect lasting a second. As if I were eating air. Today I can give myself a permanent filling” – she adds.

After the suspension of Hey Nosowska, she released a solo album “Basta”. She also started commenting on reality on Instagram. Funny videos with the character created by her became a hit, and their effect was the book “And I told her”. Two years later another book “Return from Bambuko” was published. Finally, in October 2020, the artist concluded: “I feel very happy and say it bravely for the first time in my life.”

Barciś in a new role in “Znachor”

a guest Cuba Wojewódzki will also be Artur Barciś, who is the only actor from the cast of Jerzy Hoffman’s “Quick Man”, who will also play in the new film adaptation of Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz’s novel. In the 1982 film, Barciś played the role of a miller’s son, Wasylek, who, after surgery for badly fused bones, starts walking thanks to the actions of a medicine man. Now he will play a completely new character, Count Czyński. – This is melodrama. People like melodramas, they like stories like that (…). No wonder that although viewers know it by heart, they watch it again and again. My dear friend Wiktor Zborowski always sends me text messages when he watches “Quick” and writes: I was crying again because of you – said the actor in an interview with RMF FM.

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Talk-show “Kuba Wojewódzki” can be watched on Tuesdays at 22.40 on TVN.

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