Kutno. A drunk train passenger locked herself in the toilet and bit the conductor


Police officers from Kutno (Łódź Voivodeship) detained a completely drunk passenger who was arguing on the Gdynia-Łódź train. The 39-year-old woman locked herself in the toilet and later bit the conductor. The woman had over two per mille of alcohol in her body. – She insulted an officer, violated bodily integrity and made criminal threats – the police say.

The incident took place on the evening of September 15. The manager of the Intercity “Kociewie” Gdynia-Łódź train informed the police officer on duty in Kutno that the train was carrying an inebriated and aggressive passenger who had locked herself in the toilet.

When the toilet door was opened, the 39-year-old was aggressive again and bit the conductor. According to the train management, the woman started arguing after being pointed out that she was sitting in a seat she shouldn’t have been sitting in.

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Police: she was aggressive, she was charged

The information about the woman’s detention was confirmed by Junior Asp. Daria Olczyk from the District Police Headquarters in Kutno. – The woman was very aggressive, after testing her sobriety, it turned out that she had over two per mille of alcohol in her body – says the policewoman. He adds that after sobering up, the woman was charged with the crime. – The 39-year-old committed a number of acts, starting from insulting an officer, through violating bodily integrity and making criminal threats – says Olczyk. The police took the case to court and it will decide on a possible punishment for the woman.

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