Kutno. An illusionist, a disco polo musician, a car mechanic and a hairdresser on the electoral lists. “Quite an exotic design”


An illusionist, a disco polo musician, a car mechanic, a hairdresser and a pizzeria man will fight for the seats of city and district councilors in Kutno and Kutno County (Łódź Voivodeship). The election committee consisting of 60 people who had never had anything to do with politics was built by Bartosz Serenda. – This is an interesting experiment and it means that there are people who believe that they are able to fight political parties – comments a political scientist from the University of Lodz.

Bartosz Serenda is a well-known person in Kutno. Currently, he is a non-partisan district councilor and deputy director for technical matters at a local hospital. He was also a city councilor and ran for mayor twice. In this year's local elections, he decided to create his own committee composed of residents who had never had anything to do with politics.

Bartosz Serenda, candidate for president of KutnoTVN24

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“These are the people who should be councilors”

– It has always been my dream to build an individual, social committee of people who do various things in the city and do not care whether there are elections or not. These are people who have never been associated with any political party – social activists, activists of foundations and associations who are involved in many things and work for the benefit of this city – these are the people who should be councilors – explained the leader of the election committee and candidate for president Kutna Bartosz Serenda. – There are as many as 60 of us – we are running for all districts, for the city council in Kutno, for the Kutno district council, there is also one person who is running for the city council in Żychlin – added Serenda. Serenda says candidates rarely display their billboards. The key to success will be conversations with residents.

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Disco polo musician, hairdresser, car mechanic, actor and illusionist

The candidates – as Bartosz Serenda assures – have never had anything to do with any political party. – It's an exotic mixture and I hope we will win – he emphasized. And indeed, among the candidates for Żychlin councilor is an illusionist, just 20-year-old Piotr Suder. – If I become a councilor, I would like to focus on educational institutions so that students' rights are respected, but also on bringing back a cafe for young people to the city – he said. He admitted that he had not seriously thought about running for office until now. – There were such thoughts, but they were fleeting thoughts, nothing specific – he added.

Candidate for Żychlin councilor, illusionist Piotr SuderTVN24

Disco polo musician, Mateusz TrzaskalskiTVN24

Another candidate for councilor is disco polo musician Mateusz Trzaskalski. – I would like to help the inhabitants of Kutno – both older and younger – to develop their talents, not only musical ones, he emphasized. He assured that he did not intend to join any political party in the future. Artur Paul, a social activist and founder of the only stork rehabilitation center in the Łódź Voivodeship, will also compete for the councilor's seat. – It was a very difficult decision, let's remember that I made it practically at the last moment. But I thought that if I fulfill my role as a person protecting birds, I will also fulfill my role as a councilor and be effective in social matters, he said.

Social activist Artur Paul from the “Pomagam Bocianom” AssociationTVN24

The electoral lists of Bartosz Serenda's committee also included, among others, an actor well-known in Kutno, a car mechanic, a city guard from Płock, a hairdresser and addiction therapy instructor, a pizza maker, a high school physical education teacher and a rock band musician.

“Quite an exotic design”

We asked the residents of Kutno whether candidates who are not members of a large political party have a chance of success in the upcoming elections. – I haven't heard of such a project, I hear it's quite exotic, but I think it's interesting. However, knowing the realities in Kutno, nothing will probably change here, the same people have been in power for years – Mrs. Paulina, a resident of Kutno, told us. – I have had my candidate for years, he lives in my housing estate and he always has my vote – I can see that he is doing something and something is happening. I don't know if such unknown people with no political background have a chance. Time will tell – added Mrs. Sabina, walking around the estate with her dog. – An interesting idea, but the question is, do they have a chance with this party concrete? I personally vote for people I know, I don't vote based on the party logo, local government elections are probably not about that, said Mr. Cezary.

The term “party concrete” may sound harsh, but it is worth remembering that the current president, Zbigniew Burzyński, has been ruling the city since 2002 and is running for re-election.

Candidates for councilors in Kutno and the Kutno district of the Electoral Committee of Bartosz SerendaTVN24

Political scientist: interesting experiment

We asked a political scientist from the University of Lodz about committees composed of people who have never had anything to do with politics. – I am very happy with such initiatives, because it is proof that there are places where our civil society wants to function somehow. This means that there are people who want to make such an effort, believe that they are able to do something and are able to fight political parties – commented political scientist, Dr. Hubert Horbaczewski. And he added: – And if they are going to fight, it will be in smaller towns like Kutno, and not in large towns like Łódź, Warsaw, Wrocław or Poznań. I think I would give less chance in the district than in the city itself, but it is indeed an interesting experiment.

Author:Piotr Krysztofiak

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