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La Palma, Canary Islands. Canceled flights to and from La Palma. Passengers try to leave the island by ferry

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Sunday was the second day in a row with canceled flights to and from La Palma. All because of the floating ash cloud from the Cumbre Vieja volcano. Passengers try to get out of the Spanish island by ferries, but they report that they are crowded.

Cumbre Vieja volcano is not weakening. Air traffic to and from the Canary Island has been halted due to a volcanic ash cloud floating in the air.

All scheduled flights were canceled on Sunday. Only four of the 34 scheduled cruises took place on Saturday. The island’s airport remains open, but flights are canceled by the carriers themselves.

“The ferry was crowded, there were no more seats”

– I had a flight ticket, but it has been canceled twice already. Traveling by ferry is also not easy. I tried to get out of it, but failed to get on board. The ferry was crowded, there were no more seats. Honestly, this is a very complicated situation – said one of the passengers.

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More fortunate was the man trying to leave La Palma. – In the end I managed to book a ferry to Tenerife, and then from there I will want to get to Madrid by plane – he said. – It is not known when I will have a flight from here, and I have to go to work. So it was better to book a ferry to Tenerife. It’s good that you can fly from there – he added.

Canceled flights to La PalmaReuters

Canceled flights to La PalmaReuters

Lava flows are flowing towards the ocean

The original lava flow is “very weak”, said Miguel Angel Morcuende, the director of the Spanish volcanic mitigation committee (Pevolca), but the stream closer to La Laguna has “enormous energy reserves”. The daily “El Mundo” adds that he destroyed one of the local supermarkets.

This stream travels westward, now about 200 meters from the ocean. According to Morcuende, who is quoted by “El Mundo”, it should join the stream located to the north, which is similar in activity.

The Spanish daily notes that, as with the lava from the primary stream, this time, when the lava reaches the water, there will be small explosions and the release of hydrochloric acid. Director Pevolca emphasized that the necessary measures to protect the population would be applied earlier.

A volcano erupts in La PalmaPAP / EPA / MIGUEL CALERO

The Cumbre Vieja eruption has been going on for almost a month

– Despite our wishes, nothing indicates an imminent end to the volcano’s activity – emphasized on Sunday the head of the government of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres. He noted that he bases his forecast on the predictions of scientists.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano was activated on September 19. Since then, the lava flowing out of it has already occupied over 750 hectares of the island’s surface and destroyed 1,800 buildings. About seven thousand out of 85 thousand were evacuated. the people of La Palma. On Sunday, 42 more seismic movements were recorded on the island.

Cumbre Vieja ejects ash and lavaPAP / EPA / MIGUEL CALERO

Main photo source: Reuters

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