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La Palma. Cumbre Vieja volcano has entered its most explosive phase

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The Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma has entered its most explosive phase, the Spanish National Geographic Institute (IGN) reported on Tuesday. It has also been reported that volcanic debris is ejected from the crater to a distance of 800 meters.

As reported by Itahiza Dominguez from the IGN Seismology Department, when the volcano enters the phase of its greatest eruption, the lava texture changes, which has become more sticky.

La Palma. Cumbre Vieja volcano has entered its most explosive phase

According to a Spanish research institute, the increase in volcanic debris and other pyroclastic materials ejected from the crater over the past 24 hours has also changed the appearance of the crater. More than 30 earthquakes have also been registered in the Cumbre Vieja area from the north, the strongest of which was 3.9.

On Monday in La Palma, seismologists confirmed more than 100 tremors, noting that their growing number is related to an increase in Cumbre Vieja activity.

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Meanwhile, Portuguese services confirmed that on Sunday and Monday an increased amount of sulfur dioxide in the air was recorded in the Atlantic archipelago of the Azores, related to the arrival of volcanic smoke from La Palma.

Watch a spectacular video as glowing lava flows down the cliff into the ocean.

Lava shoots out of the volcanoPAP / EPA / CARLOS DE SAA

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / CARLOS DE SAA

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