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La Palma, Cumbre Vieja volcano. They want to save the dogs with a drone

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A Spanish drone operator plans to save the dogs trapped in La Palma. The animals stayed in one of the yards – they are surrounded by lava that flows from the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The entire rescue operation depends on the dogs’ reaction to the flying machine.

Due to the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, some of the inhabitants of La Palma had to evacuate. Some of them, including those from Todoque, fled their homes in panic, leaving everything behind, even the dogs. The animals are trapped in an abandoned yard covered in volcanic ash. They are surrounded by lava, they cannot escape. Two companies supplied them with water and food via drones. Until now, no one has been able to figure out how to save them. Helicopters are prohibited from flying to this area because of the hot gas that can damage their rotors.

The volcano is constantly spitting lavaPAP / EPA / Miguel Calero

Cumbre Vieja volcano. They have a dog rescue plan

On Tuesday, the Spanish drone operator Aerocamaras received permission to try to save three exhausted dogs from the volcano area. Jaime Pereira, the company’s CEO, said it plans to send a 50-kilogram drone equipped with a wide net to try to catch the dogs one by one and take them to safety, 450 meters from the lava flows.

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“ This is the first time an animal will be rescued with a drone and the first time they have to be captured with it, ” Pereira told Reuters. He added that the drone operator would only have four minutes to lure the dog into the net and another four minutes to fly away with him. “We don’t want the battery to run out of power while flying over the lava,” Pereira said.

The mission depends on how the dogs react to the machine. – They’ve been eating very little for weeks. They can come or get scared by the drone. We are really dependent on their reaction – he said.

Pereira on Wednesday told reporters that the dogs had not been found following a test flight. As he admitted, the animals could hide somewhere to hide from the heat. He also added that they would be looking for animals and if they saw any of them, they would ask for permission for a rescue operation.

Main photo source: Reueters

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