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La Palma. Report from TVN24 reporters. “You don’t want to believe how La Palma changed its color”

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Seven weeks have passed since the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma. Thousands of residents who have had to leave their homes are not only refused permission to return, but are often unable to get back their belongings in a hurry. TVN24 reporters went to the island. See their report in “Fakty po afternoon”.

The Cumbre Vieja volcano, located on the Canarian island of La Palma, erupted almost 50 days ago. Two TVN24 journalists – Małgorzata Prochal and Agnieszka Zielińska – went to the restricted zone, evacuated after the eruption.

– You do not want to believe, as La Palma changed its color in the last month, it was really beautiful and tropical here. We used to come to the beaches every now and then – said Karolina Bazydło, a Pole living in La Palma, in Fuencaliente in an interview with reporters. – Banana plantations have burst, this is one of the largest banana centers on the island – she added.

– The entire zone has been evacuated, but new directives are issued every day on who can enter – said Bartłomiej Gudejko, who also lives in La Palma. In order to get to it, you must give the reason for the trip. “I evacuated in only swimming trunks from the beach when the first cloud of volcanic smoke was above us. And imagine, we are going up, and there is a cloud in the sky and we do not know when the lava stream will cross this road – he reported. People entering the restricted area have limited time to take their belongings.

La Palma, Cumbre Vieja volcano

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Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on September 19. The lava took up an area of ​​almost 1,000 hectares. Over 2,500 properties were damaged. Almost seven thousand people had to leave their homes for security reasons.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish committee set up to minimize volcanic risk, Carmen Lopez, said Saturday there was no data to indicate the eruption would end soon.

Reports of TVN24 reporters from La Palma. “You don’t want to believe how La Palma changed its color” Facts in the afternoon, TVN24

Facts in the afternoon, TVN24

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Elvira Urquijo A.

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