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La Palma, the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. Thousands of people homeless

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Six thousand people were evacuated on the Canarian island of La Palma as a result of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. People cannot return to their homes because they are covered in lava. – The rest of the island, apart from the Aridane Valley, wants to live normally – commented on TVN24, a journalist and TV producer Remik Maścianica, staying in nearby Tenerife. He also pointed out that despite the announced government assistance for people who lost their homes, some owners cannot count on money and other support from this source.

Six thousand people who lost their possessions were evacuated from La Palma. The Polish journalist and producer Remik Maścianica, staying in nearby Tenerife, told about the situation on one of the Canary Islands. – Lava has now covered an area of ​​about 166 hectares, which can be compared to the size of Miasteczko Wilanów in Warsaw (a housing estate in the Warsaw district of Wilanów – ed.) – he said.

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La Palma. Destroyed houses as a result of the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption

– The pace of lava advancement has slowed down, it is not known whether it will reach the sea, because it has started to cool and dry up – added the journalist. As he said, the lava now moves an average of four meters per hour. – Six thousand inhabitants have been evacuated and they will probably have nowhere to return because their houses and plots cannot be recovered. Perhaps they will also not get any money from the insurance, because in the Canary Islands it is impossible to insure against a volcanic eruption. It can be caused by fires, floods, and other events – explained Maścianica.

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As already reported, Canary Islands authorities buy houses for people who suffered from volcanic eruption in La Palma on Sunday. The purchase of 73 objects has already been finalized. Ointment cautiously treats announcements of government aid.

– If someone has had their property insured against anything, then they will get government assistance. The problem is that in order to insure your home, it has to be legally built. The latest information shows that most of the buildings that stood in this area were built illegally, with later legalization in mind. This means that there may be no money, because there is no way to prove your property – he explained.

They are afraid of the outflow of tourists

As the TVN24 guest told us, communication, including air connections between individual Canary Islands, is still functioning, although it sometimes happens with breaks, and life goes on as normal on some of the island of La Palma.

– The rest of the island, apart from the Aridane Valley, lives normally, wants to live a normal life so as not to go bankrupt and not to scare tourists away – said Remik Maścianica. He stressed that residents “are most concerned that this island will at some point be considered contaminated land, which should not be taken on vacation.” “It will be the end for them, because they live off tourism,” he added.

Remik Maścianica about the situation in La PalmaTVN24, Reuters


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