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Labor market 2022. Most wanted employees and professions

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In 2022, employers most often looked for IT experts, sales specialists and manual workers, according to the annual report published by Pracuj.pl. According to the portal, last year saw a record number of advertisements.

In total, throughout the year, Pracuj.pl posted the largest number of job offers in the history of the website, 1.1 million. According to the report, the most, because about 25 percent. (nearly 280,000) of them were addressed to IT experts. Employers were also actively looking for sales specialists. The number of offers for such a position is about 274,000 (less than 25%). The demand for blue-collar workers (13%) and customer service specialists (13%) was also visible on the market. According to data from Pracuj.pl, employers were also actively looking for finance specialists (11%) and engineers (10%).

The most sought after digital competences

The website also shared information on the most desirable competencies by employers. In 2022, these were undoubtedly digital competences, according to Pracuj.pl. More than one third of the advertisements concerned positions where their knowledge plays an important role.

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Despite a decrease compared to the times before the pandemic, in 2022, once again, the largest number of job advertisements came from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship (about 20 percent of all offers). It was followed by the following voivodeships: Dolnośląskie (10%), Śląskie (9%), Małopolskie (9%) and Wielkopolskie (8%). In total, more than half of all job offers on the website were posted in the above five voivodeships.

Industries with the highest recruitment activity were: finance and banking, IT and retail. They accounted for 12, 10 and 9%, respectively. job offers posted on Pracuj.pl. In 2022, there was also an increase in the number of offers addressed to people looking for employment in junior positions, which had already occurred in the previous year. Their number on the Pracuj.pl website increased to 168,000, which accounted for 15 percent. all advertisements posted there.

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The best first half of the year

The activity of companies in the area of ​​recruitment was particularly visible in the first half of 2022, according to Pracuj.pl. At that time, 597,000 job advertisements appeared on the website. The third quarter, compared to the same period in the previous year, brought stabilization, while the last three months of 2022 saw a slight decrease.

“The first half of 2022 showed how much potential was released by the post-pandemic recovery of business, with a simultaneous shortage of talent. The second half of the year, in turn, signaled how much economic events affect the recruitment dynamics” – commented, quoted by PAP, managing director of Pracuj.pl and member of the management board at Grupa Pracuj Rafał Nachyna.

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