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Labor market. Almost every fifth unemployed mother cannot find a suitable job

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Every fifth unemployed mother of a seven- or nine-year-old cannot find a suitable job; There are as many as 1,012 economically inactive women per one thousand working women, while there are only 564 men who do not work, writes “Rzeczpospolita”. He notes that despite the pandemic, there is no universal part-time employment and flexible working time organization, or it is associated with worse earnings.

“Women in Poland earn less, are less likely to be professionally active, and have lower incomes pensionare less likely than men to be promoted and occupy managerial positions. They also have longer breaks from work related to raising children. Although they are on average better educated than men, they still clash with stereotypes about their skills, work and ambitions.

He quotes Milena Olszewska-Miszuris, co-founder and co-chairman of the Polish edition of the 30% Club Poland campaign, according to which no less than 1% met with them. Polish women working in large companies. “Many women still encounter a ‘glass ceiling’,” the expert notes.

Inability to find a suitable job

In the case of childless people, the professional activity rate is similar for both sexes. – Differences are about the parents. More than 95 percent of fathers work whether they have one, two or three children. The more children in the family, the more often women do not work. Almost 85% of the population is professionally active. I have one child and 60% three children, Iga Magda, an economist from the Institute for Structural Research, tells Rzeczpospolita. “The Polish Economic Institute has examined whether women’s return to the labor market after a break related to caring for the youngest children encounters obstacles and what are the obstacles. The report “Mom returns to work – behavioral barriers and directions of support” shows that almost every fifth non-working mother of seven or nine-year-old admits she can’t find a suitable job. For most women, financial motivation is important when returning to work. “Family incomes are increasing, women are regaining financial independence. There are also women for whom it is important to maintain a balance between professional and personal life. And this can be difficult for many reasons: even if the family can use the offer of a nursery or kindergarten, their working hours are often are the same as mothers, and women are afraid (just like sometimes employers) that they will have to take time off when the children get sick, “Rz emphasises.

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Flexible organization of working time

“Still – despite the pandemic – there is no universal part-time employment and flexible working time organization, or it is associated with worse earnings. “In addition, the division of roles in families – which was confirmed in the survey with interviews with women – is sometimes as traditional as many years ago” – we read in “Rz”.

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