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Labor market. Survey: 17% Poles decided to take up additional employment

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Every sixth Pole (17 percent) took up additional employment, and 9 percent of respondents decided to change their current job for a better paid one, according to the study “Poles’ Own Portfolio: Saving Time”. It added that 21 percent of the respondents applied for a raise, 13 percent of them got it.

“The rising costs of living mean that – apart from limiting consumption – we also undertake various professional activities” – according to the Santander Consumer Bank study “Polaków Own Wallet: time to save”.

Improve your finances in various ways

According to the study, 17 percent of respondents decided to take up additional employment; 21 percent asked for a 13% raise. of them got it. In turn, 9 percent. respondents decided to change their current job for a better paid one.

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The survey shows that 56% of Poles try to improve their finances in various ways. This group is dominated by people under 40 years of age. Residents of rural areas (70%) and metropolitan areas (60%), as well as respondents with the highest incomes above PLN 7,000 net (71%) also deal with improving their household finances.

44% were at the opposite extreme. respondents who currently do not try to influence the state of their wallets in any way. They are mainly pensioners (approx. 70% among 70-year-olds), residents of small towns of up to 50,000 inhabitants. residents (65 percent) and people with an income from PLN 3,000 to PLN 3,999 net per month (64 percent).

Every fourth respondent takes care of their finances thanks to the fact that they have more than one source of income – e.g. from additional work, renting an apartmenthouse or garage (28%). – Poles who take various actions to support their budget most often focus on reducing consumption – noted Magdalena Drążkowska from Santander Consumer Bank.

Waiver of expenses

She added that 65 percent of respondents admitted that they resigned from some expenses, e.g. weekend or holiday trips. In turn, the reduction of electricity consumption costs or the purchase of products and services on promotion were indicated by 64% of respondents in both cases. In third place was spending money on the most necessary things, including food, bills and medicines (61%).

59 percent of respondents admitted that in order to improve their budget, they decide to reduce spending on entertainment, and 57 percent. said they buy less clothes. In turn, 46 percent replied that he did not give up the so-called latte effect, giving up coffee or eating out. 8 percent of respondents admitted that they kept money in a deposit, 6% that in an interest-bearing savings account, 4% invests in the stock market.

The survey was commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank using standardized computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) conducted by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRiS) in January 2023. A representative group of 1,000 adult Poles participated in the survey.

Average salary in Poland

The average gross salary in the enterprise sector in February 2023 amounted to PLN 7,065.56, the Central Statistical Office announced on Monday. This represents an increase of 13.6 percent year-on-year. Employment in this sector increased by 0.8 percent on an annual basis and amounted to nearly 6.53 million FTEs.

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) announced on Monday that in February 2023 the average gross monthly salary in the enterprise sector increased by 2.6% compared to January 2023. As recalled, the same increase in wage growth was recorded a year earlier, i.e. in February 2022 compared to January 2022.

“The increase in average monthly salaries in February 2023 compared to January 2023 was caused by the payment of, among others, annual and jubilee bonuses and bonuses, bonuses due to inflationan increase in salaries and the payment of retirement severance pays (which next to basic salaries are also included in the remuneration components).

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