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Ladybird. Special award for employees of the Biedronka chain – amount specified

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The Biedronka chain announced that it would pay its employees a special bonus of PLN 4,000 gross in April. The amount is higher than last year. Earlier, the Lidl, Kaufland and Aldi chains announced increases in employee salaries.

As announced, the special prize is to be awarded to almost PLN 60,000. employees of the Biedronka chain. These include people employed in stores, distribution centers and offices.

However, to receive the prize, several conditions must be met. “Employees who started working for the Biedronka chain under an employment contract no later than April 1, 2023 and were employed on April 1, 2024 are entitled to receive the award.” – we read in the announcement. Additionally – as indicated – all absences of network employees in 2023 cannot exceed 180 days.

In such a case, the prize will be PLN 4,000 gross, compared to PLN 3,750 gross in 2023. “Part-time employees who have met the conditions for the award will receive an amount proportional to their full-time employment,” it was explained.

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The company announced that almost PLN 291 million will be allocated for the payment of prizes.

In mid-December 2023 Lidl Polska and Aldi chains announced increases in employee salaries. On the other hand The Kaufland chain announced two salary increases this year. Increases from January 1 this year. it also introduced the Biedronka chain.

Petition of some employees

Last week we wrote that 4 thousand employees of the Biedronka chain signed a petition prepared by NSZZ “Solidarność”, which was sent to the management boards of Jeronimo Martins in Poland and Portugal. They demand improved working conditions.

Gabriela Kaim, chairwoman of NSZZ “Solidarność” at Jeronimo Martins Polska, said that the employees who signed the petition wanted to express their tiredness of “working beyond strength for remuneration not much higher than the minimum wage.”

– Everyone who shops at Biedronka sees that there are too few employees on shifts. Two or three people cannot simultaneously operate cash registers, arrange goods on shelves and prepare baked goods. We have been paying attention to the problem of staff shortages for a long time, but the network's management does not try to solve it. He claims that he employs new employees, but at the same time does not extend fixed-term contracts and mandate contracts. In addition, many people cannot stand the pressure and leave, Kaim explained.

The largest retail chains in Poland

Biedronka and Lidl are the largest retail chains in Poland, taking into account the amount of revenue in 2023. This is according to data collected by Forbes. The Biedronka chain, which belongs to Jeronimo Martins Polska, generated revenues of PLN 85.03 billion last year. This means an increase of almost a quarter (24.6%) compared to the situation a year earlier. The Biedronka chain has nearly 3,500 stores.

Lidl was in second place with revenues of PLN 33.37 billion, after an increase of 24.1%. Every year. The company has approximately 900 stores in Poland. Eurocash was classified on the lowest step of the podium – PLN 30.86 billion, an increase of 17.4%.

The Dino chain was also among the leaders, with 2,406 stores at the end of last year. In 2023, the company generated revenues of PLN 19.80 billion, after an annual increase of as much as 48.2%. This is the largest increase among the ten largest retail chains in Poland.

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