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Lake Wigry. Two people needed help after capsizing a sailboat

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On Lake Wigry, two people fell into the water after capsizing a sailboat. The injured couple without their vests was helped by rescuers and a policeman.

An officer from Suwałki patrolling Lake Wigry near Kamień Island noticed two people in the water, a woman and a man, who needed help. Neither of them had a vest on. “The woman held a life jacket in front of her and waved her hand. She was right next to the overturned sailboat that the man was trying to get on,” the Podlasie police said in a statement.

Capsized sailboat on Lake WigryPodlasie police

A 61-year-old man had a helmsman’s license. In an interview with the police, he admitted that he had been sailing on Wigry for several years, but this time he overestimated his abilities and the conditions on the lake turned out to be too difficult.

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“When they decided to return to the place of departure, during the turn, a sudden gust of wind tipped the boat and the boat capsized, and the crew found themselves in the water. During the voyage, the vests were on board, but neither of the two were wearing them. One of the vests , which fell from the boat, grabbed the 48-year-old, but she was no longer able to put it on, “the police wrote.

The couple was safely pulled out of the water, but the help of another crew was needed to set the sailboat up.

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Main photo source: Podlasie police

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